Saturday, February 21, 2009

What can I say..

I know its been AGES since I posted last. I wish I had a better excuse than "life" but truly we have just been busy with the normal day to day things. Occasionally there has been a fun family weekend or a Cypress Calling Ministries event but pretty much its the same thing every week.
I cant remember what exciting things happened in January so I ll start with February.
The first weekend in February we had our first ever Cypress Calling Ministries leadership retreat. It was a great success. God was all over us ladies that weekend and put so many great ideas in our head. I am so proud of our little ministry!! To learn more visit Cypress callings blog here.

The following week was a blur. We had well child checkups on Tuesday I am happy to report both children are healthy and right on track!! Both are also in the 75 % for height. (Like we didnt know that would happen ;))
Wednesday we had Muffins with Mom at Jakobs preschool. Its always fun to stop in and see what the kids are up too. Though I will never know how he acts in school when I am not around. When I am around he doesnt want to participate, he seems embarrassed?
That weekend was Valentines Day weekend and Dustin surprised me by not going to the Farm(he was going to take Jakob and it was going to be a girls weekend at home) Instead we had a wonderful Family weekend, filled with window shopping, Dinner at Cypress Station grill and installation of a storm door.
That leads me up to this past week. Which nothing real exciting happened. I did injure my back and neck. I wish I could say that I was doing something exciting or strenuous. But I was merely stretching... I know boring right.
It was excruciating. I couldnt move my neck and shoulders and I had a bolt of electricity running up my spine and my right arm was tingly and numb. So I decided that was good enough to see a Dr. Diagnosis: Pinched nerve.
I got a prescription for a muscle relaxer and an anti inflammatory. They also did some blood work and my sugars were a little high. But I had just ate a Cheeseburger and Tots two hours prior.

So here I am 4 days post injury and still in pain. Its a more localized pain but pain none the less. If it continues for 2 weeks I have been told to come back in to have a nerve something or other test done.. JOY!
Today we have plans to attend a 3rd birthday party for Jakobs friend Eric.
Tomorrow is church and family day. I love Sundays they are my favorite time of the week. Nothing like waking up, going to church, Praising the Lord and then spending time with my precious family!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
I ll post some pictures in another thread as soon as I figure how to get them from Dustins computer to mind with the least amount of work possible!!
Love you guys!!