Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok, so this is probably way old...but I adore Will Farrell and I just found this and I just want to eat this little girl up!!!

Pics galore

Kates new favorite play area
From our Girls weekend: Jessica, Me, Dawn and Rhonda
From our girls weekend pt II: Jessica, Jenn, Dawn and Rhonda
Silly boys!!!!
Thanksgiving and the Kids table!! Jakob and Jordan
Kate and Jordan eating Thanksgiving dinner
Great grandpa and Preston, Thanksgiving
The great grandkids: Katharine, Micah, Lily, Ashley, Preston, Jordan and Jakob

Papa, Meme and the twins
Great Grandparents and the twins
Best aunt ever..and the twins :D
Great grandpa playing with Katharine!! Precious!
Jakob decorating the Christmas Tree
Kate joining in...
Jakob playing with the train
Can I keep it up all year???

No title

So I dont have a title for this post because...there have been just so many things going on that they dont all fit under one title. And I dont feel like posting 15 different posts for the day.
I havent forgotten about blogging.. actually it haunts me in my sleep. "I cant believe I havent been blogging" "just get up and type a few lines to let everyone know you are still alive"

Is this normal?? I think I may have a condition, or it could be that I am delirious . Who knows?
So where did I leave off last time, I dont even know.
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving was great. We all met at my sister in laws house and along with about 30 other friends and family members we enjoyed to the typical thanksgiving day dinner, turkey with all the trimmings, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and apple pies!!
I ll post pics in a different, pic only post later.
Friday: I did not participate in the black Friday shopping extravaganza, for 2 reasons, I am somewhat of a sane person ;) And because Dustin worked.
Saturday we put up all of our Christmas decorations. YAY.. I love this time of year. I really wish we could keep all the decorations up all year round. I just love it!!
Saturday night we went on a date to a little get together at Dustins Boss' house. It was great fun and I got to show off my skills of being a tom boy and knowledge of nascar and all things car related ;) when we played Battle of the Sexes!!!
Sunday it was our last service as the Fellowship of Houston. So it was an emotional day. I got very sad watching how far the worship band had come and how hard Aaron and Dustin had worked especially and to watch it just end was sad. But its a great new beginning and I am siked!!
Monday was a typical day if I remember correctly. Honestly this week has been a blur.. and this is why....
Tuesday, Stacis 30th birthday we had plans to take her out after the hubby got home from work. Well I was on the phone with her mom and she had to hang up abruptly(she was at stacis visiting her for her birthday.)
Turns out Lily had stopped breathing and they had to administer cpr. They called 911 and took Lily to the emergency room. She had to be put on Oxygen. They did a RSV test and it came back negative but she had so much fluid in her lungs which is why she stopped breathing.
We have been taking shifts with Lily, because someone has to be with her at all times.
Then Wednesday Preston went to the ER because he was very congested and not eating. They did a chest xray and he has pneumonia. So both babies are in the hospital. As if that were not enough, Aaron was in Scotland and couldnt get a flight home until Wednesday night.

So Tuesday and Wednesday night I stayed at the hospital from like 7pm-1am. So that staci could do whatever she needed to do. Like tend to Preston when he was at home and to spend some time with Ashley.
I am so exhausted so I see an early night in my future.
Today the babies are doing good. They are just hanging out in the hospital and being observed.

Tomorrow is our monthly Couples dinner party. I am so ready for it!!!
So that was my week.. I hope that is excuse enough for not being more prompt on my posting. But if its not enough....I left out much of my day to day tasks I could explain those as well ;)

I hope everyone has a good night..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sleep eating.....

We all know that our children are the most talented right.. Well can your kid do this????

Kate has never been a good napper and we struggle on a day to day basis trying to get her down. Well I gave her a morning nap and skipped the afternoon nap and the above is what happened. She was so tired. It was only 6:30. I think its time to forget about the 2 naps a day and just do one mid day nap.. :(

Also I know I have been slacking in the blogging department but I have just been so busy. I promise later on today I ll post about our girls weekend and I ll add pics as well.. Have a great Hump Day!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Busy week

I have been so busy this week I havent had time to post. Its ok there really hasnt been much to post about really. In fact I cant even tell you what has been making me so busy. Its just the day to day things. Mondays- bible study, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays- Jakob's preschool, Most Fridays- playgroup, and visiting the twins and Staci and Aaron in between.
And though I cant report the specifics that have kept me away from my blogging I can tell you that I am going to have PLENTY to report Sunday. This weekend is our girlfriends Getaway camping trip. I am so excited !! I will be away from the husband and children for 2 nights.. I seriously dont know how to act. But after the last 3 weeks its definitely needed. So Sunday I promise to blog about my camping trip. Stay tuned......

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last night...

Last night was one for the books. I got home after a very fancy, relaxing dinner party from our new church The Met and both kids were sound asleep. I started to get ready for bed around 11pm or so and as soon as my head hit the pillow, Katharine woke up screaming. Almost like she had had a really bad dream. I go to pick her up.. turns out she had vomited all in her bed and on her jammies.
So I put her in bed with us and after an hour of her wiggling and crying I take her downstairs so Dustin can sleep. Just as I am getting her to sleep.. Jakob wakes up and starts screaming for me.

He doesnt feel good.
So I get Kate back asleep and get Jakob in bed with us and about 10 minutes later he tells us his tummy hurts. The thought didnt even occur to me that Kate had just thrown up..maybe he was sick at his stomach as well.. Just as I finished that thought... Jakob threw up all over himself, our sheets our blankets..anything within a 1 mile radius it seemed got drenched.
So we had to pull the sheets and well you know the routine.
We finally got Jakob asleep and I laid there trying to sleep but my scratchy throat and coughing kept keeping me up. I think I finally fell asleep about 3am? And then rose again at 6:30 to the most annoying sounding alarm clock in the world. Its days like this I wish Dustin didnt work so many Saturdays :( I could really use a nap. zzzzzzzzz
Both kids seem to be fine at the moment. They are running around like the crazy kids they are.. Hopefully all that vomiting was releasing the sickness that has plagued them for the past 2 weeks?? Who knows. ..


When I think of the word anniversary.. I think happy things, Like the day I married my amazing husband, or some other joyous Occasion. But what I dont understand is why they also associate it with unhappy occasions.. Like "the anniversary of 911" Or the anniversary of a loved ones death. These are not reasons to celebrate?
I bring this up for good reason. I rarely ever talk about the traumatic things in my past because it makes people uncomfortable and pity me. Thats the last thing I want from people so I just dont bring it up. And the terrible things that have happened to me.. Pardon the cliche, but have helped me grow stronger. I am not bitter at all, and in fact I embrace those moments as pieces to the puzzle that make me me.
So the reason for this post is, 7 years ago on this day my father was shot by his wife(not the woman who gave birth to me) I was on vacation with my then Fiancee Dustin and got the worse phone call I think I could ever have even imagined. It was my grandmother(My dads mother) Telling me the news. We did not know the condition or the circumstance. Dustin and I jumped in the car and drove to Dallas in the middle of the night to meet my grandmother. She and I boarded a plane to Nashville to see my dad in the hospital. His condition was not encouraging but one of the most profound moments in my life was when I entered the trauma room where my father was and saw that tiny band aide over his left eye and saw him lying there.. I reached down, grabbed his hand and whispered in his ear that I was there and that I loved him. He squeezed my hand and raised his legs. I felt a peace come over me. It was as if he knew I was coming and didnt want to let go until i got there. He held on for me.
30 minutes later they told us that he was brain dead and they would have to remove him from life support. I have never felt sicker. It felt like my stomach had been tied in a thousand knots and then set on fire then doused with alcohol. It was the worst feeling. I hadnt had all the time I wanted with my father, I was only 21. I was about to get married and I wanted him to walk me down the isle. This was ripped from my future by a very small bullet.
It seems the pain gets easier to deal with each year. And I have forgiven the woman that did this to my family. That took my father away from me, A son away from my grandmother, a grandfather away from my children. Because I know that when it is her time.. God will be the one to Judge. It is not my job to do so. And I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.. And though we may not know those reasons, understand them or even agree with them, it is Gods will and he knows what and why he does things.
This day is always a difficult one for me. I look at my children and wish that their grandfather could see them. He would be so proud. And I know he is up in heaven smiling and laughing at his goofy grandbabies.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ear Aches are evil...

I remember when I was a little girl, screaming in pain from another ear infection. I got them at least 2 or 3 times a year. So bad that my ear drums ruptured numerous times. I remember when I was 15 visiting my dad in Tennessee I had the worst ear infection. I remember screaming and crying in pain. At 15!
The reason I am telling you this is that I can totally relate to how Jakob feels. :( I took him to the doctor today since he has been sick for 2 weeks now. The doc confirmed that he had an ear infection and a sinus infection. No bronchitis though..thats good. So we got antibiotic. Hopefully it will work soon because he has been screaming and crying in pain for the last 2 hours.
I have a ladies desert thing at the church tonight so it will be just Dustin with the kiddos. I gave Jakob Tylenol at 3:00 and it worked for about an hour and then the screaming in sued. So I am going to give him Motrin at 7 and hopefully that will put a dent in the pain.
Time to cuddle my poor sick boy...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

almost forgot..

I took pics of the teeny weenies last night. I dont feel like uploading them so if you want to see them..
Click here

Dauphine babies and Schoen Kids

After waiting an unbelievably long 5 days, I was able to see both Lily and Preston, At home with their family. Oh what a beautiful thing it was. It was just me visiting though, Kate still has a runny nose and I think Jakob has bronchitis(we will see tomorrow). I was amazed first off at how small they were. I knew that they would be small..but sheesh. They are tiny little guys.
I held Preston most of the night and got to feed him. He was starving. It was a good think Aunt Tasha came when she did otherwise he would have had to wait another hour to eat ;) . I kept Preston up for just about an hour and then moved on to pester Lily. Boy was she a stinker. She just didnt want to wake up. But I got her awake and she ate as well. Both babies are doing great and eating like champs. In a few months you wont even know that they were 4 pounds when they came home.
Staci is doing well also. I am so proud of her. She is such a champ. I am so happy for her family I cant even express it in words.

Also Nana Dauphine is at the house helping and she is a huge blessing I am sure.
Welp thats the update on the babies, moving on to my kiddos. I think I posted a couple weeks ago that Jakob had an ear infection. He just hasnt been right since. He has had a runny nose and coughing. Well a couple days ago the coughing got worse. Where he was throwing up because he was coughing so bad. I know that feeling. I had chronic bronchitis when I was a kid so I am pretty sure thats what he has. So I am going to bite the bullet and take him to the doctor for them to tell me exactly what I already know..but better safe than sorry right???

We have so much going on... Our church is merging with a ginormous church and we have been having meetings and things regarding that. This is a big step for us and we are thrilled. Dustin really wants to play on their worship team. We snuck a peak at the worship center. WHOLLY MOLY. It was incredible. And the church seats about 2000 +. They have 3000-4000 members. Crazy!!
Check them out at:
Welp thats all for now..
Have a blessed night...

Monday, November 5, 2007


Looks as though I have failed miserably at Nablopomo. I got through 3 days.
Yesterday was a complete blur. If important things had not have happened.. I would have probably missed it completely. So I guess I ll try again next year.
More on the Missing Sunday later...
Have a great day..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dauphine Family update...

Staci and the babies are doing fantastic. Staci and Preston were discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Lily was having a little trouble maintaining her temperature so they wanted to keep her. She needs to keep her temp regulated for 24 hours straight. Hopefully she will be able to join her family Monday.
Keep praying for this family and the many things they have endured and the fun and exciting challenges to come...

Martian child.. he is not.

Last night I went to the movies with 2 girlfriends of mine. We saw Martian Child with my nerdy crush John Cusack. It was a terrific film. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that made me laugh out loud and get a little teary. Aside from starring John and having that going for it.. It was also very strangely a little reality check for me. You see.. I have a very independent and unique son. As I am sure most of you out there that have children would say you do as well. Its probably true. I think we all think our children are from mars from time to time. If you read my Halloween post you will see that I recently had this very thought. I often wonder if my child is "normal" by societys standards, not mine. But I realized that the things that make him unique are the very things that make him the wonderfully perfect little boy he is. I know that when he is older and on his own, that individuality that I so struggle with from a day to day basis will be a strong point and I will be thankful for that.
I am lucky that my child is healthy and happy. And that is all that really matters. Is it really worth arguing over wearing a Halloween costume? Will it really effect his future as a decent human being? I dont think so. I have realized that it is more my search for approval from the Parenting patrol. I for sure would get an A+ for effort. In conclusion.. Go see Martian child... Fantastic movie, Cutie patootie John Cusack, will make your strange child seem "normal" .

Friday, November 2, 2007

small happenings...

I remember when I worked for money and saw moms that stayed home with their children. I had this fantasy idea of stay at home moms just being able to sleep late, take long showers. Have the house cleaned and sparkly by 10am and then off to shop.
Now this was before I had children but this was the fantasy I wanted. After my precious Jakob was born I had to work for the first 8 months of his life. Then God gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was going to be able to stay at home. I was going to life the fantasy!!
Well I learned very quickly that they call them fantasies for a reason.
Fast forward almost 3 years later and I am busier than I ever was as working woman. And I love every moment of it.

Myth number 1: Sleeping Late
Late is a matter of opinion. If I get to sleep in past 6:30 I am feeling blessed.

Myth number 2: Long showers..
This one makes me laugh. How could I ever think this. With a 3 year old coming in every couple minutes just to make sure I knew he was there and a 1 year old climbing on cabinets and playing with mommys unmentionables a long shower is a usually getting hair washed and body washed before the water even gets warm.

Myth number 3: Clean house by 10am
I ll be lucky if I ll have a clean house by CHRISTMAS!
Just the moment that it is cleaned, something is spilled or toys are dumped. I dont stress over this as much as I used to. And this is apparent if you ever come to visit unexpected ;)

Myth number 4: Shopping
This one makes me laugh as well. Though I am very fortunate to have a husband that is able to support his family and lets me shop whenever I want. I cant find the time and every time I go shopping I end up buying for the kids and not myself. This is a good thing but not part of the fantasy I had. :0

And though time is something of a memory at our house. I wouldnt change a second. I feel so fortunate to be able to mother these beautiful children and be a wife to my Super hunky, super cool hubby..

So you might think "since when does Tasha post anything but Kid pictures and stories?" Well I am on a mission to better my writing skills. I used to love writing and since I entered the real world(left high school) I have lost a little bit of that skill. So this is my practice. Not that I would try to make a career out of it. Its just nice to write agian. Even if I dont have anything interesting to write about. I think thats the point of writing.. making the uninteresting, interesting with your ability to tell a story.
Another reason for these types of posts is I am entering a bloggers challenge. Thanks to Kim who turned me on. Learn more

So let me know how I am doing and if you find my blog the least bit entertaining.. And if you dont.. Lie so that my ego doesnt suffer ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Staci and the Twins...

While yesterday was Halloween, it was also a very long awaited and important birthday. The Dauphine Twins arrived!!
Staci went in at 6:30 and she was already 4 cm dilated and Contracting every 3 minutes. She didnt even know it. Dont we all wish we were so lucky??
At 11:09 Preston Thomas was born, Weighing in at 5lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long. Lillian Marie followed close behind at 11:11am weighing in at 4lbs 13 oz and 17 3/4 inches long.
Both babies did great. Lily required a little oxygen but is on room air only now. Staci had a little scare with high blood pressure so she required some magnesium to make sure she didnt have seizures but her pressure is slowly getting back to normal. The babies had to be in the Neonatal ICU yesterday because of their prematurity.
But they are slowly moving closer to coming home. They are taking their bottle feedings every 3 hours and handling those terrific. Hopefully both momma and babies will be able to go home tomorrow or the next day. What a beautiful blessing!! I am over the moon and so excited for Staci, Aaron and big sister Ashley.
Here are a few pics of the babies.
I am not sure which baby is which except for the baby in the isolette, I know that is Lily because she is in the oxygen bubble.

Little Butterfly..

The butterfly and her glow worm

I just happened to have matching baby legs and
they looked perfect!!!

Kate and all her girlfriends from Church...


Wow what a day Yesterday was. It started off trying to get Jakob to wear his costume to school. He was going to be Diego from Go Diego Go. When it came down to putting his costume on he freaked out. Didnt want anything to do with. He does that alot. He doenst like change. I know its a control thing. When I dropped Jakob off at school I broke down crying. "Why did he not want to dress up" "whats wrong with him" "he is going to miss out" "all the other kids are so cute in their costumes" :( So after sobbing for 30 minutes to my grandmother and my hubby I felt much better. At least Kate was still young enough for me to dress up :D
Along with it being Halloween it was also a very special birthday...The twins were born to proud parents Staci and Aaron. I ll have another post about that and pics also. Back to Halloween.
Jakob got to go Trick or treating around his school yesterday. The teachers took all the preschoolers around to all the classrooms and offices and they all got candy!! Jakob came home with 2 huge bags of candy. For 3 years we were able to live through the Candy holidays with a child who had no interest with the candy. Those days are LOOOONG gone. And he doesnt like the typical kid candy.. Oh now he wants Chocolate.
So the first words out of his mouth yesterday were... "I want more chocolate" So I allotted him one piece before nap and one piece after his nap.
At 4 we went up to the church to help put the Fall festival together. It went pretty smoothly the set up. The kids were running around like crazy but they were good.
Dustin met us at the church. We let Jakob do the booths at the festival and then Left to go visit Staci and Aaron. More on that in the next post as well.
So that was our Halloween. We got pics of Kate and a video as well. Jakob didnt dress up so we dont have any pics of him in a costume :(