Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kate pics

On the potty!!
Pretty Dress China Doll
Day dreaming
Tuckered out with daddy after church.. (I heart this picture.. )

Kate counting...

One day I asked Katharine to count for me. Thinking she was just going to count maybe to 3. I dont have high expectations. lol. I havent worked with her on it so I wasnt expecting what she did next.
She counted to 10 by herself. I guess she and her brother have been working on it in secret. So I finally got it on video. Though the first time she did it I didnt have to prompt her. She seems to be camera shy now.

The outfit she is wearing is from a friend who went to China to pick up her baby that she had adopted and she brought back this gorgeous outfit. Thanks Dawn, We love it!!

Moving up Pictures

Jakob and his two buddies
Jakob and Miss T
Eli(Jakobs BFF) and Jakob
During his presentation of moving up certificate.
Patiently waiting

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Jakob before his first game..
Jakob and his own personal Cheerleader
Playing Short stop
waiting to bat
Running to first!!!
Got lost running to first.....
"Oh Theres first base!!"

Watching closely..

Playing 1st base..

I am supposed to run now right??

Running to first...

That was exhausting..
Third Base..
Running Home!!
Good Sportsmanship..
Jakob and his baseball sign

Second game.. Waiting to bat.

There are lots more from Yesterdays game. We are just waiting on Uncle Aaron to upload them. He is our official photographer. The team also had photos taken yesterday and Aaron took some of the whole team and of Jakob. We of coarse purchased some from the real photographer as well. So stay tuned for that.

T-Ball, Moving up and drumming

I know its been forever since I posted but as always my time has been consumed.
Jakob has started T-ball. He is doing great and it is so cool to see him actually playing the game. Not just batting the ball.
He has Practices on Tuesday nights and games every Saturday. So far he has had 3 games.
The first one was a little rocky and quite humorous. The ones after that went much smoother.

I have pictures that I ll post in the next post.

Along with T-ball we have been preparing for Summer.
Jakob had his end of the year, moving up program at school Wednesday night.
It was a great ceremony. I loved seeing all the kids interacting with each other and to see them singing and dancing. We got lots of video and pictures.
They had a under the sea theme and they all wore beachy or Hawaiian shirts.
Jakob received a scrapbook from his buddies. It chronicles his year through Pre-k. It is really cute and the girls did a great job on it. Dustin was really impressed with it as well.
Now Summer has began and I must find things to entertain my almost 4 year old full of energy boy. Any suggestions??

Katharine is doing great. She is all over the place and you must keep a constant eye on her. I never had to watch Jakob so closely(even though I did)
She climbs on everything and is faster than a cheetah at doing it.
You would think that I beat her or something because her little chicken legs are covered in bruises from falling down or running in to things.
She can count to 10 and say her ABC's with assistance of coarse.
She loves to dance and jump around.

Jakobs 4 th birthday is in 2 weeks and I am amazed every day at how fast he is growing. I know the years will go quicker and all but I wish I could freeze time right now. He is pretty self sufficient but still needs my reassurance and I love that. He is such a happy kid. He is really into Thomas the train. I think he would play upstairs by himself with his trains all day if I let him. He also adores his sister. They are practically inseparable. I dont mind though, I am enjoying this time because i know before long they will be yelling at each other to stay away and keep out of each others rooms and whatever else siblings fight about.
Dustin and I are doing great.
I keep busy with the kids and have slowly began to get involved with the new Ministry group we have started within our Bible study group. We are dedicated in helping Mothers in Crisis, the Homeless and the Elderly. We are small but have big plans. I am so excited to be a part of it and look forward to what God puts in our path.
Dustin played with the worship band at church today for the first time. He had to be there at 7 and was done at 12. He played through 3 services. He did amazing and I am so proud of him. The crowd of 3k didnt even phase him. He has such an amazing gift from God in his music. I couldnt be more proud!!!
That about sums it up. In the future weeks I will be getting ready for Jakobs birthday party Memorial Day weekend and for the Dauphines move to Canada(this one I am not looking to forward to)
I ll have pics and vids in the next post. Have a great day!!