Saturday, June 27, 2009


Boy it is a scourcher out there. I spend most of my days inside soaking in every bit of cool air that I can. Once the clock hits 5:30pm, I am usually pushing the kids outside to run off some energy in the 2 hours before bedtime.
I also have been scouting out tons of new places for my photography. Telge Park has always been a fave of mine and we went out there a few weeks ago. It wasnt to hot but we were there at 10am and I must admit by 12 I was itching to jump in a vat of ice cold water.
While we were there we shot off a few good shots of the kiddos. Jakob also got a few good pics himself..! We gave him our old Sony Cyber shot and he is quite the little budding photographer. He has all the secrets down.. He gets down on his subjects level and it appears he might know the rule of 3rds.
So I will leave you with several pictures. The first three are from Jakob. The last two were taken by me .. Enjoy!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 months have come and gone..

I cant believe its been two whole months since I last posted. I am sure for the 2 readers out there that you are wondering what the heck have I been doing. Well several things actually. I was really involved with Cypress Calling in April and May and that took a huge block of my time. Also with school ending I had an array of activities to attend. But one of the most exciting things that has been going on is that my lovely husband has encouraged me to start my own business. I am now officially a Professional Photographer. So I have been busy preparing my business plan and taking as many photos as possible to put in my Portfolio and building my other blog, yes Yes I know there is another blog you say. If you are so inclined.. run on over to and check out some of my work. I would classify myself as a Natural light, Lifestyle Portraiture photographer. I do not use flash, or studio lights. I use what the good lord gave us, beautiful, natural Sunlight.
I recently shot a Cypress calling event. It was indoors so I had to borrow a bounce flash and the lighting was not so great so I had the camera adjusted to make up for it. So the photos are not the best. But I captured the essence of the event. I have a few shoots in the next couple weeks and I am looking forward to those. And then in August I ll have my first newborn shoot. I am super excited for this. I have tons of great ideas and fun props..
So this is my excuse for my time away. I hope you will accept it and wont give up on me. Come back often because I plan on posting alot more.. Have a blessed day!!