Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Sick Kiddos means no fun for mommy....

Two things I have learned in having 2 children:
1. When one gets sick, you can bet the other one will soon follow.
2. Two sick kiddos = No sleep for mommy.

Jakob came home Wednesday complaining of a "headache" And his ear was hurting. Wednesday night he was screaming and crying in pain. He slept with us and kept me up all night. Thursday was just the same as Wednesday. Friday a little improvement but still not sleeping through the night and Katharine begins to get sick. Saturday night both kids are sick and up every other hour or so. So Saturday night was a loss. I dont even know why I bothered siking myself up for sleep. With both kids sick I decided not to take them to church on Sunday, I didnt want to spread the sickness, and we also had to miss cousin Micahs birthday. I felt awful because I was so looking forward to seeing the family and celebrating Micahs birthday. But it really wouldnt have been fair to the kids, or to the people who would be attending the party. They would have brought home more than just party favors....
This morning the kids woke up early(atleast we all slept most of the night) And are still sick. I think Kate is at the worst part today and Jakob seems to be getting better. Along with Kates cold she has a strange rash all over her legs, bum and a little on her belly. IT looks like little ant bites and she has been scratching at them? First thought was it was chicken pocks but it hasnt spread. So we are just keeping a close eye on them and if they spread we will bite the bullet and go to the doctor.
And that is what we have been doing the last couple days.. Festering in sickness.
I sure hope the kids get better so I can go see Staci and the babies on Wednesday!! But I dont want to risk it so we all need to be super well first.
Kate is calling me from her crib so I must bring this post to an end.. Till next post!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another trip to the Pumpkin Patch

This time it was just with the girls. Jakob went with his daddy to help Meme and Papa do some work on the house. So Kate and I met up with Kiera and her mommy and went to a small Pumpkin Patch at one of the Methodist churches down the road. It was such a beautiful day out today. Perfect is the only word I feel that describes it. Kate and Kiera had a blast at the pumpkin patch they loved playing with the pumpkins and they both shared snowcones with their mommys. Then we all went out for Olive garden. It was so yummy.
And that was our day, the most exciting part atleast. Here are the pics from our visit.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Staci Update

Staci got back from the dr and she is 2 cm dilated. For those of you that have had children before, you know that this could mean we could have babies tonight... Or not for weeks. Depending on the babies. But we wont have to wait for weeks if it is the latter. Because Staci is scheduled to have Boo babies!! Thats right her babies will be induced on October 31st. Yes thats right your calendar is not lying to you that is in 6 days!! I am so excited and nervous I can barely stand it. Of coarse we want the best for the babies and want them to be born healthy and without complication. So please pray for Staci and Aaron and big sister Ashley. I will keep everyone updated but in the mean time be sure to check out her blog here.
Thats all I have for now!!! Till later,


Nothing real exciting to report.....

We have had a pretty uneventful week so far. Took Jakob to school tuesday and Wednesday . Checked out the new ginormous H.E.B down the road. It was the grand opening and knowing there would be free stuff I didnt eat breakfast. So Kate and I munched on lots of freebies that morning.. Yum. They also gave out free blocks of Chedder Cheese, Salsa and they had tons of great coupons. I got $2 off of their H.E.B brand Diapers that are usually $ 10 for the mega pack, which includes like 52 diapers I think. And in case you are wondering, I am an avid Huggies user but thought it was such a great deal that I couldnt pass it up... Well the HEB Diapers work fabulously. So i think I am going to make a switch :D
Yesterday after Jakobs nap he woke up screaming and crying and whining in pain. He was/is complaining that his head and ear hurt. So I am pretty sure its an ear infection :( First one ever as far as I know. So needless to say last night was not so pretty. I went out for a L. N.O event (Ladies night out) And came home at 10 to a crying boy. So gave him some tylenol and Dustin put him in bed with us. Well he woke up every hour or so and cried and whined. We got about 3 hours of total sleep last night :( Jakob missed school as well today.. There goes his perfect attendence ;) He has been running a low fever but seems to feel a little better for the time being. I feel lucky and I am knocking on wood now, because my kids are rarely sick.
Today we plan on just laying low.
Staci has an appointment with the Doc at 11am. I have a feeling he is going to tell her to go to the the hospital for an induction. Her legs look like the stay puff marshmellow man. And you can tell the circullation is not good through her legs. Poor girl. She feels fine though which is good. So I ll keep you posted on whether or not we are going to have twins today or if we are still waiting.
I have a couple videos of the kiddos. One is especially for My grandmother, the kids' GG. The other is of my 13 month old Genuis baby Kate. ;) Enjoy!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Its official...

Katharine is a "toddler". She is walking all over the place. I just love the early walker walk. With the arms stretched out for balance. So cute. I just happen to have a video as well. Turn up the volume and watch to the very end where Kate says "hi" to everyone...

Monday, October 15, 2007

6 years down, a lifetime to go.

Dustin and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary Saturday. In the past we never really celebrated any of our anniversary's simply because there was always (and still is) so much going on in October. But this year, Dustins boss gave everyone $100 dollar gift cards to Churroscos, A very nice South American restaurant. So we got all dressed up.. And let me remind you who we are in that we never get dressed up. It is a rare occasion that I will wear anything other than blue Jeans and that occasion is usually a funeral. But it is nice to get all snazzy once in a blue moon. Dustin even wore slacks so you know that it was a big deal.
We dropped the kids off at Dawns house around 4:30 and then went back home to get ready. Our reservations were at 7:00. I was thrilled to eat at a place that you didnt have to yell across the table because of all the chattering. It was so nice and grown up. Dustin got the $42 steak, He said it was good but not worth $42 ;) I got a yummy chicken and a glass of Merlot. And for desert Chocolate Tres Leches.. OH my gosh, it was Divine!! To bad my stomach hurt from all the food that I couldnt finish it.
I gave Dustin a new wedding band for our anniversary. He lost his original wedding ring about 3 years ago. So I got him a newer(cheaper) Manlier(his words not mine) ring. He was quite surprised.. I surprised myself by keeping it a secret. I usually cant do that and end up giving away hints. But Mum was the word this time!!!
We got to have a great night out and didnt have to pick the kids up till Sunday Morning. Thanks Dawn!!!
And that was our Anniversary weekend. This coming weekend we have our Costume party . I still have no idea what we are going to be for Halloween. It is a couples themed costume party. SO if any of you can think of some creative couples costumes leave a comment, because I am without a clue.
I hope everyone has a great week!! Oh and the twins are scheduled to be here in 3 weeks. I cant wait to be an aunt again!!!
I forgot pics of us all snazzy and stuff:
I am not sure why Dustin looks so mad in these pics??But when you have a tripod taking your picture, you dont get any direction.. Like.. get the hair out of your face blondie, that would have been nice. Oh well ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Great friends and another birthday!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people.

My birthday was Saturday and not very many people know when my birthday is because I am not one to draw attention to getting OLD. Its bad enough that the gray hair make me look older. But that is a different story. So my good friends call me up for a last minute dinner. I decided to go to Buffalo wild wings because I had never been and how busy could it be on a Wednesday night. Well little did we know that it was kids eat free night!! So needless to say the noise was deafening. Aside from the chitter chatter of high pitched children they were trying to mask that sound by BLARING the music.(more proof of our impending old age) We all made several comments that it felt like we were at a night club or a bar.

Anyway, The dinner was great and I just love going out with my girlfriends. Its so uplifting and carefree. We had a great dinner and tons of fun. We stayed for 3 hours. That waiter was so tired of us by the end of the night. Oh well ;)

Thank you Jenn, Staci and Dawn for such a great dinner. I had so much fun and love you all tons!!!

As always here's a pic for proof.

Staci, Dawn, Jenn and myself sitting down.

Jakobs first day of Preschool!!

Three and a half years ago I held this 7lb bald, wrinkly baby in my arms and was forever changed. Wednesday we reached another milestone. PRESCHOOL!! Jakob is in a great program offered by the School District at the high schools. Keep in mind our area of Houston and Cypress have 8 high Schools. They offer a lab for Juniors and seniors who are looking to major in Early Childhood development in College. The Lab "rats" are our precious children. Its only 60 dollars a month for 3 hours 3 days a week. The 60 dollars pays for the supply costs. They use a lottery system and its not widely known about. Its a great program. They except 13 3 year olds and 14 4 year olds and I believe there are 18 or so Student "teachers". There is one "real" Teacher who is Fabulous. So they treat it just like real preschool and the student teachers have to come up with lesson plans and activities and such to teach the children. For instance, This week the letter is A the shape is a circle and the color is red. They sing songs and do crafts all around these lessons. So lets go to the first day of school. I was so nervous that Jakob was going to freak out and permanently attach himself to my leg and not want to go. So we did the pep talks all week. Hyping up preschool. When Wednesday came along I drove him to his drop off and the Student came to get him out of the car, He put his little back pack on and started to walk away!! I screamed "what about my hug" So he came running back gave me a quick hug and said "bye mom" And never looked back!! I was in tears until I reached Kohls and realized that I didnt have to run after a 3 year old while shopping.. YAY! So in a nutshell, Jakob love love loves preschool and he is learning so much already and it was only the second day of school so I cant wait to see what he knows at the end of the school year in May.
I have pictures of him modeling his very stylish Cars backpack and lunch box. And then also one from today modeling his School t-shirt. He looks like such a big boy..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Visit from Jennifer and Kaitlin/Airshow

This weekend was super busy. My best friend from high school and her 3 year old daughter came in from McKinney on Friday and stayed till 3pm Sunday.
Our weekend was action packed. Friday night we just hung out and the kids got to know eachother. They played so well together. The last time they were together Kaitlin was 16 months and Jakob had just turned a year. They dont remember meeting the first time. But they will remember it this time.
Saturday we woke up and did some errand running. Then we went out to McDs for some lunch. The kids played in the play thing for about and hour. They would have loved to stay longer but it was time for a nap. After naptime we loaded up and went to the Pumpkin patch. It was in Spring which was quite a drive but atleast it was a scenic drive and not highway. The pumpkin patch was awesome and though it was kinda wet and muddy the kiddos did very well. Here are the pics for that:

Kaitlin and Jakob on the pumpkins

Katharine and I

Baby Kate

Kaitlin on the pumpkins

The Giant ant

Jakob and the not so great pumpkin!

Kaitlin on the big slide

Riding on the train!!

Kaitlin and Jennifer

Giant hay spider and Kaitlin

And on that note it was time go!
Then Jennifer and Kaitlin took us all out to On the Border for my birthday and we had a great dinner. The kids did awesome and kate ate a whole plate of mexican rice. She is a little piggy!!!
Sunday the boys got up early and headed out for the Airshow. This is a yearly tradition that Dustin started last year. Jakob is so into planes also.

So the girls went to the Downtown Aquarium. It was so much fun. Kate was amazed with all the fish. But her favorite part was the White tigers. She kept saying "kitty" "kitty" And she cried when we left! I cant wait to take Jakob there. Since the boys went the airshow Dustin took our camera so we didnt get any pics of the kids at the aquarium but here are pics of Jakob at the Airshow(just for you GG)

Thank you so much Kaitlin and Jennifer for visiting. We really dont see eachother often enough. I cant wait till our next visit!!!
Good night everyone..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Fall Show review

So every September I look forward to the new shows the networks have cooked up.
So here is my take on all the shows. Please know that I am not a professional critic thought I feel I could be ;)

I felt this show was super lame. They should have stuck with commercials. Even they aren't funny. Now a show about the talking gecko.. now I d watch that!!

Great concept. Very fresh and witty. Jerry O Connell's Character was hysterical. Each of the Characters were very unique. I will Dvr this one again next week ;)

Pushing Daisys
TOTALLY original. Nothing else like it. If you don't have HD television to watch this I suggest getting it. The colors are very vibrant. If you like Tim Burton type movies this is your show. This aside from Ugly Betty and Greys anatomy is my new fave!!

Bionic Woman
I watched the first episode just out of curiosity. I actually liked it. The second episode however bored me. I am not into the whole Robot saving the world against other robots thing so I wont be watching this one again.

Private Practice
I was really excited about this one but it bores me now. Greys anatomy it is not. It is more like a soap than anything. Not very original in my opinion.

Big shots
Totally original. Its a Sex in the City for married Men. I thought it was great! If you are touchy female you might not like some of the masculine and non feminist remarks but it was very quick and witty.

And that is my review.

Disclosure: the opinions expressed in this blog are of the author exclusively. If you disagree... good for you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Video and Pictures galore

I know you guys are probably tired of all the pictures..But its my blog.. hehehe. So heres some more pictures!!!And a video of Jakob singing "Jesus is my super hero".

Take 1

Take 2

Morning Moves

The Kiddos had the Fever this morning... The dancing fever!!
So here they are dancing to the hit... Leap frog banjo song

Pictures galore!!

The only time Jakob ever smiled and looked at the camera.
Jakob singing in front of our church congregation(he is in front 4th from the left)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Review

As usual the weekend was fast and furious.
Saturday we got up early and got paint for the kids rooms. I was tired of the pink in Jakobs room. As soon as we got home I started painting. I had no idea how long it was going to take. Usually we could paint a room in 2 hours. Well that was before 2 kids and we weren't trying to cover up bright pink. So needless to say it took us all day to paint a 10x11 room. I would paint for an hour then Dustin then me. At 2:30 one of Dustins friends came over for Dustin to wax his car. Then Miss Kiera came over while her daddy went to work.
While all this was going on, We left Jakob upstairs watching a movie. Now if anyone knows Jakob he has never been one to get into stuff. He just kinda does his own thing and doesn't really get into stuff he is not supposed to be. Well we were reminded Saturday that we have an unpredictable 3 year old. We were outside with the babies and we hear a thud. I run inside and Jakob is crying. My first thought was "oh no he fell down the stairs" But that was not the case, I asked him what happened and he said he fell and hit his head, I asked where he fell, He said from the LADDER!! Dustin and I just looked at each other and our stomachs sank. We ran to Jakobs bedroom and he was trying to be so helpful by painting the spots we hadn't gotten to yet. So what he did was get a paint brush, climb to the top of the ladder, dipped his brush in the paint( that was on the top of the ladder) And climbed down and painted the bottom of the walls, Although most of the paint got on the base boards he had the right idea. So anyway I guess while he was coming down from dipping his brush he fell back and hit his head on the wall. He was ok just scared. And the room was not nearly as bad as it could have been. Luckily we had put a drop cloth down so there was only a few paint spots on the carpet. And Dustin was able to just wipe the wet paint off of the base boards so it really wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Then Sunday was church as usual. After church I had a planning meeting for our wild west fun fest on Halloween. Then Staci, Aaron and Ashley came over and Jenn and Kiera as well and we cooked out. It was nice and relaxing. I sure am going to miss these impromptu cookouts once the twins are born. But that's ok, I just cant wait till they get here!!
Today was another busy day, Mondays are laundry day at the Schoen house and boy did we have some laundry. And then Jenn came over to watch Kate and Jakob while I went to get my licence renewed. Then I watched Kiera while she went to PT. So its been a busy weekend and Monday.
Tomorrow, I have parent orientation for Jakobs school. I am so excited about him starting preschool. He is going to love it so much. And I am going to love the time not chasing a 3 year old around. Friday we have meet the teacher . That will be lots of fun.
Then later Friday Jennifer Thompson( My best friend from high school) And her 3 year old Daughter Kaitlin are coming in. I think Saturday we will be going to a pumpkin patch . Sunday I am not sure what us girls are going to do but the boys will be going to the airshow. Which Dustin will have lots of pictures of for sure ;)

Well that was my weekend. I have random pictures that I ll post later, My grandmother got on to me for not having enough pictures of Jakob but every time I bring the Camera out he turns away or runs. But I got a couple shots today.

I hope everyone has a great night.. till next time...