Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Surgery and books

I have been absent and for that I apologize. But just so you know..I have not just been ignoring my blog, I have also been ignoring my life. I have pretty much for the past 2 months been in such a slump . Chronic pain will do that to a person. It brings you down and all you want to do is curl up on the couch and lay in a pool of your own despair. Its very depressing.
So I finally had my surgery last Tuesday. Some cysts were removed and I was diagnosed with a congested pelvis. When the doc told me this my reply was: "Did you just make that up" She in turn gave me a dirty look and the "as if" face and told me that it was real and I would have to go to ANOTHER Dr to get it
So me and my congestive pelvis have been coping.. and really though its only been a week the pain hasnt really been that bad. The pain from the surgery hasnt been bad either. I currently feel like I have been beaten to a pulp by a world champ boxer. The bruising is going down and I am awaiting the moment I can sleep on my stomach without flinching.
Once I finally felt like entering the outside world.. I ventured to my mecca, Target, with 2 kids on a Saturday..2 hours later and I was spent.
Sunday I took The hubby and kids out to Target as well :D (Hi, my name is Tasha, I am an addict)
Monday I repeated the trip.. sans kids but with my favorite girlfriend in tow. She makes me laugh and we act silly and goof off together. People probably think we are a menace, but its fun to let loose.
On our little adventure I picked up "The Time Travelers Wife" . I knew the movie was out and I love both of the actors that play the lead and will most likely watch it when it comes on dvd(I am cheap and the hubs doesnt like going to the movies) and since I dont like to watch a movie that was inspired by a book, before reading said book, I bought it.
3 days later and I was balling my eyes out through most of it. It has now topped my fave book list. It was compelling, interesting and I love the way it was written. I fell in love with the main characters right away and felt every emotion that they felt. It was just a beautiful book and I highly recommend it!!
Go out.. get a book, A starbucks and read.
Its almost fall.. and I will be my happiest in the next month or so. That is of course if the cloud of hitting my 30s doesnt find me and rain on my parade. But after that we have Thanksgiving and Christmas!! OOOh.. Can I put the Decorations up now??? I cant wait!!
Have a splendid night!!

Covering all my bases..

Some of you may follow my photography blog ( or follow me on facebook.. but maybe some of you dont.
Tomorrow is Kit kats 3rd birthday, and as with all birthdays, I have been nostalgic and remember how it once was and amazed at how far we have come!
If you knew me 3 years ago tomorrow, I was tired, whiny, round with child and grumpy. I felt as if an alien had taken over my life and I wanted it back. Katharine came into this world fast and furiously. Thank GOD! She had a knot in her cord and I was told its a good thing she came 4 weeks early... 7lbs 5oz of pure joy. Man could you imagine if she had come on her due date.. I would have had a 13 pounder for sure ;)
Acid reflux, Colic, Dairy allergy, Not sleeping through the night till 15 months. All of these things are long forgotten and replaced with, Singing, dancing, laughing, playing with bubba. She is a funny, goofy carbon copy of her mommy. She loves everything Pink and dresses.. but she wants to wear transformer tattoos like her brother and play in the dirt. *She loves singing along to the radio.
*Her best friend: Keira
*She loves school
*Eats asparagus
*talks in her sleep
and has the kindest spirit. I think she will be a dancer or in gymnastics, but then again you have to have grace and while she is graceful..its usually while falling down or running into a wall.
And to think.. when you would have asked me 4 years ago what I wanted a boy or a girl.. I said I hope its a boy..because I dont want a teenage girl.. What was I thinking.. What are a few years of teenage attitude when compared to a lifetime of unconditional love.
Happy birthday Katharine Marie, You make me a better mommy and I love you.