Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jakobs School Picture!!

Two weeks ago Jakob had his first school pictures taken. I cant believe how grown up he looks. And makes me wonder how the heck the get him to sit still and pose.. I cant do that to save my life. So without further ado......

Dont worry the family will get one in the mail soon. Let me know if you want larger than a wallet and the next time I see you I will have it ready!!!

Easter Pics

Easter egg hunt at Aunt Michelles
"I found an egg uncle Chris!!"

Hunting eggs
Katharine not participating but looking cute anyway!!
Jordan and Aunt Michelle
Yum Chocolate!!Easter Morning!!

At Aunt Stacis House
Hunting Eggs at Aunt Stacis

Cute boy!!
Pretty Easter Dress
Aunt Staci and Preston
Baby Lily sleeping through the fun
Baby Presley and the Paparrazi in the back ground.
Presley hunting eggs
uncle Dustin sleeping on the job
Kate at home after a long long day.


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we went to Aunt Michelle's and went to her neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. There were a good amount of kiddos there and it was so cute to see Jakob finally get the hang of hunting for the eggs. The last 3 years we had to help him out. This year though he was on a roll.

Kate also participated and she got a few eggs in her basket but her concern was opening each one up before she put it in her basket and handing me its content. So you can imagine by the time we got 3 eggs the hunt was over ;). The Easter bunny was there visiting and Jakob wanted no part in it. He stayed about 10 yards away from him at all times. Later when I told him that the Easter bunny was coming while he slept he told me "NO, I dont want the Easter bunny at my house"

After the Hunt at the park we went to Aunt Michelle's for another hunt. You see Aunt Michelle had this oh so terrific idea to take the rinky dink stickers that all the eggs from the earlier hunt contained out and fill the eggs with chocolate candies and then hide them in her back yard.
So Uncle Chris took the revised eggs out and hid them and we sent Jordan and Jakob(Kate had no interest) out to find them. They did this in record time and were soon inside opening every egg up and stuffing their faces with Chocolate. I allowed this only because we were at aunt Michelle's other wise I would have quickly taken the candy out of the eggs and allowed him one a day. Like I do at home. After the sugar rush we took the kiddos out back to run off some of the energy. Soccer and Frisbee lost its fun quickly. So Aunt Michelle had another brilliant idea and brought out Kids croquet. It took all of 2 mins for the kids to destroy this idea so we decided to just do obstacle courses. Jakob had so much fun playing with Cousin Jordan. They do so great together. Kate was never 100% so I cant really say she had any fun at all.

Easter Sunday Jakob and Kate woke up and looked at their Easter baskets and the we quickly whisked them off to get dress. We decided to go to the Early services which start at 8:30 and it is a 20 minute drive for us so we were quite rushed. But we got there just in time to witness the awesomeness that is our Worship band. HOLY COW, it was phenomenal. I wish I had it on video. If you didnt know any better you would have thought you stumbled in on a Broadway Play. It was incredible. It was so amazing that over 200 people gave their lives to Christ that day. WOW the power of music is amazing.

After church we went to Aunt Stacis house. The Easter bunny came to her house also. Thanks Aunt Stacis' Easter bunny!!
The kids hunted for eggs. Aunt Stacis Easter bunny is a healthy one though, he put raisins and goldfish crackers and fruit snacks in his hidden eggs!!!
We had so much fun spending time with Aarons Parents and Sister and baby Presley. We love those guys!!
Thanks Mr. Tommy for the Awesome Ribs!! I ate 2!!

All in all it was a terrific weekend. Like it always is when spending time with family!!
I ll post pictures in the next post!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


She is still and quiet. She must be ill. This is how Kate spent most of her day yesterday. Running 101 consistently all day and after puking much of the night before.
Today she is feeling better but not 100%. What is it about Easter time that makes my kids sick. Last year during Easter Jakob had Rotovirus(the worse puking sickness ever)
Everyone else is well as of now. I hope it stays that way.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zoo Pictures

Jakob in the prairie dog domeJordan in the prairie dog dome
Jakob petting a goat
Jakob and Jordan petting a goat
Baby Lillian
Katharine, Jakob and Jordan
J Squared
J squared on the buffalo
J and J and Ashley
Jordan and the elephant(dont you love her "say Cheese" face

Jakob and the elephant(aunt staci had to tell him there was a bird on my head to get him to look at me.)
Ashley trying to "eat" the Elephant
Tiger taking a dip

The girls
Thats a big monkey!!
Zaboo (one of Jakobs favorite characters from his show Zaboomafoo)

Baby Elephant
The scene on the train.. (look at all the strollers!!)
Jakob and Aunt Staci
Aunt Staci and the Limo
Giraffe and baby

The end!! THanks for looking!!

Zoo Time.

Every year around this time we try to make a trip to the Zoo. We weren't able to go last year for some reason so I wanted to make darn sure we went this year. And really there isn't any reason why we cant go more than once a year other than the summer time is way to hot and its kinda far. But well worth it I think.
It was Staci and I and 5 babies and a 13 year old. And it went so smooth. There could have been so many disasters, melt downs and freakouts but the kiddos were awesome!! Only one melt down between my 2 kids and that was around lunch time so that was expected.

We started the day off at McDonald's on our side of town. Boy what an attraction we were. Staci had the twins(4 months) , Jordan(2) and Ashley(13) and I had Kate(1) and Jakob(3).
Then we headed downtown.
We decided to park at the park and ride and ride the Metro Rail(train) to the zoo. There isn't a stop directly in front of the zoo so we had to walk about 2 blocks. It wasn't bad except that the wind has been gusting upwards at 30 mphs and that's hard to push strollers in that resistance, my legs and bottom were feeling the burn last night!!

After going to the petting zoo we decided to have a picnic lunch.
Jakob kept asking me when we were going to see some animals because we had been there about an hour and really only seen some goats and some prairie dogs.
So we finally started looking at animals and all the kids loved them.
We left the zoo around 4pm and got back on the train and headed home. We got home around 5pm.
Because the kiddos didn't nap yesterday they slept in till 8:30 this morning. It was so nice!!

Thanks Aunt Staci for coming with us to the Zoo, we had the best time!

I ll post pics in a new post.. Have a great day!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Livestock Show Pictures

These pictures are out of order, but the fun is still there..
On the train
Riding the flying elephants with daddy.

Sunglass girl
In the batting cages

snack time
Yay Pony rides!!
Go long horns :D
Jakob on the BIG tractor
Kate and Mommy on the big tractor
Dustins famous pose