Saturday, March 15, 2008

Livestock show

Yesterday Dustin took a long over due day off so we could have a family day. We got up at 7 as usual and was out of the house by 9:30. Because it was to be 86 degrees, we had to make a quick stop by Target to get the kids some shorts. (guess I need start getting the summer clothes) Jakob didnt have any shorts that fit because he is so tall and all his shorts were short short on him. Katharine doesnt have any shorts either for the same reason. She is super tall but it didnt matter what size shorts we got her because they are all still booty shorts. For a 18 month old. I couldnt find any shorts that werent super duper short. I digress, So we got to the Livestock show around 10:30 and it must have been Houston area school field trip day. I have never seen so many little kids in my life. They were every where. First thing we did was check out the FFA Steers. There were TONS of Cows and poop everywhere. We didnt get very close to any of the cows but we seemed to attract the Poop without even trying.
Jakob wanted to see the horses but we couldnt find any big horses, we did however find some minis and they got to ride on them. That was super fun. I was really impressed that Jakob rode the pony and he tried all kids of new things. I was so proud.
After the pony rides we checked out the Birthing center and got to see 11 one day old piggies. They were so cute!!
Next stop was the enormous tractors. And then to the hatching eggs and chicks.

Then to the usual pigs and rabbits.
By this time Jakob wanted to ride the train and would not stop talking about it. We have a Lite rail system here that is only a few years old and we had never been on it because well we never go downtown anymore. But before that we took Jakob to the kiddie Carnival. He rode the flying elephants which were strategically placed next to the t-ball batting cage. So Jakob didnt want to do anything but play baseball after he saw that. And I dont want to brag but I am going to, he is so awesome at baseball. The guy that was working the booth was amazed at how well he was hitting and that he was only 3. He told me he would see him playing for the Astros in the future. That made me proud.
Then it was off to ride the train, which was the highlight of Jakobs day. He is very into trains right now and he had the best time riding.

We made our way home around 4:30 but made a stop at YMCA to register Jakob for Spring tee-ball. I CANT WAIT!! I am so excited. His first practice is the week of April 14th and then his first game is April 26th!! Dont worry I ll get lots of pictures. Hopefully we will have our new camera by then because our current one is horrible. But anyway. That was our day yesterday. We got home at 5:30 and I was out the door again to head over to Stacis to scrap!!
I ll post pictures in a new post.. its easier that way!! Have a great weekend!

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