Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zoo Pictures

Jakob in the prairie dog domeJordan in the prairie dog dome
Jakob petting a goat
Jakob and Jordan petting a goat
Baby Lillian
Katharine, Jakob and Jordan
J Squared
J squared on the buffalo
J and J and Ashley
Jordan and the elephant(dont you love her "say Cheese" face

Jakob and the elephant(aunt staci had to tell him there was a bird on my head to get him to look at me.)
Ashley trying to "eat" the Elephant
Tiger taking a dip

The girls
Thats a big monkey!!
Zaboo (one of Jakobs favorite characters from his show Zaboomafoo)

Baby Elephant
The scene on the train.. (look at all the strollers!!)
Jakob and Aunt Staci
Aunt Staci and the Limo
Giraffe and baby

The end!! THanks for looking!!

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