Monday, July 28, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Media Fast

I think I am stuck in a rut and I cant figure out how to claw my way out.
For the past oh.. month or two(give or take a half of a year) I have been getting less and less motivated.
Less Motivated to get out with my kids, Less motivated to clean my house, less motivated to read my books, do my studies and read the bible. I have even had trouble getting motivated to pray.
I think I need a little jump start. I think I also need some accountability. So I am going to do something about it.

Now it is impossible to do a family media fast, because well Dustin would literally fall to pieces without his Internet and Satellite. So I am going to just do it myself.
I will resist the pressure to turn on the tv and instead pick up my Bible. I will resist the urge to cruise Perez Hilton and wondering why I even read that crap. I will instead grab the vacuum or other cleaning item and use it.
So from here on I am only going to allow myself to get on the Internet to blog about my experience.
We will try this for a month and see if I have more patience and energy than I do now. Not to mention a cleaner house, a more rounded spiritual life, more knowledge from reading and better eye sight ;)
So wish me luck and here I go to turn the tv off..

Lord, Can I get a little....

Patience (ˈpā-shənz) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances. This can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sickness and fun

For the past 2 weeks the kids and I have been fighting a major war against a cold.
The Cold has won the battle but we will win the war!!

It started with Jakob(as it always does) He got a cold which quickly turned into the Croup(which it always does) I believe he has been cursed with my reactive airways disease poor guy gasps for air between every cough it is awful.
About 3 days after Jakob started getting sick, Katharine began to get Diarrhea pretty bad..Well all diarrhea is pretty bad so I guess I didnt need that extra emphasis.
She still about a week later has it off and on. I think hers is teething because she is getting about 4 teeth right now.
So the kids are feeling much better... but me on the other hand.... I am alot like Jakob...or Jakob is like me I guess.. I get a cold and it instantly becomes something else. I woke up gasping for air the other night, it actually woke Dustin up so it must have been pretty bad because he could sleep through a bomb raid. Luckily my grandmother brought me down an inhaler..Gramms to the rescue...again ;)

This weekend we went to the farm. Grampa needed some help with the feed and feeders for the cows so Dustin and I and the kids went. I figured it is ok since there are no other kids to infect up there.. And the kids were tired of being couped up. So off we went. It was so nice.. I love the farm it is relaxing and quiet.
Jakob was happier than a pig in mud. As soon as he jumped out of the car he was running around outside. FREEDOM!!

We also brought Kaiser and he just amazes me every day. We kept him off lead most of the time and he would only go about 50 yards from us and then come back when called. We did put him on the lead at dusk because all the critters came out and I didnt want him running down to the back 40 chasing a armadillo.

Katharine loved it as well. Grandpa and Grandma loved on her most of the time. She is pretty darn cute and its hard not to love on her.
She however was not being loving to her mother.
She woke up both nights about 2 am. Screaming in pain from Diarrhea. Her poor little diaper area was awful and of coarse I came unprepared. I didnt have any diaper cream with me..

Jakob and Kate got to see all kinds of critters, Cows and Deer.
They got to ride in the farm truck and see most of the farm.
There was one incident... Dustin got both kids out of the truck to walk around in the pasture.. he just so happen to put Kate down smack dab in the middle of an ant bed.
Well that poor baby swole up like a balloon.

I am telling you her feet were covered in bites and they were about 2x bigger around than Mosquito bites.
So now not only do I have to bring diaper cream with me everywhere ..but also add benadryl to the list..
She is fine now but I was a little freaked out for a little while there.
Yesterday her whole foot was swollen.. I havent looked at yet this morning..

Here are some pics of our adventure...There are not many of Jakob because he was out and about most of the days. In fact there was one time where we were all looking for him.. Turns out he was just playing outside by himself..


Kate and Mommy

Great grandpa and kate

Kaiser the farm dog

Meme and Kate
Meeting the cows

Keeping a close watch

Ready to heard some cows!!

Meeting the momma cow

My cute family!!!

Kaiser hearding the cows.. *turn down the volume to avoid my voice*

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th of July has come and gone so quickly this year. It always seems to me like the middle of the year and as soon as it is gone everything starts happening.. School starts, Birthdays(seems everyone is a fall baby) Anniversaries(we know 3 other couples all married on our Anniversary, Oct 13th) The Beach house, Halloween, More birthdays, Thanksgiving and the grand finale.. CHRISTMAS!!!
Some people start counting down to Christmas starting after Thanksgiving... not I. I start after July 4th!!!! It is as you know the greatest time of year. The sweater weather, Decorations, Lights, Christmas trees, the Smell of Christmas( you know what I am talking about) Cheerful children singing Christmas Carols and learning about the birth of Christ.
It all gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and I am counting down the days.. 172 days and counting!!!

Ok so enough of the Christmas talk, lets get down to what we did for the weekend.

Friday Dustin was off.. YAy. Kids woke up at 6:30 their normal time so I didnt get to sleep in. No biggy.
We all relaxed in the morning, Adults drank their coffee, Kids asked a million times to "Schmell" the coffee.
We headed to Target to get me some much needed shorts and something fun.
When we got home we did lunch and put the kiddos down for a nap.
Meanwhile the adults(dustin and I) got ready and started making Enchiladas to bring to the party we were attending.

The kids were up by 2:30 and we were out the door by 3. We made a quick stop off at Dustins parents house in Conroe since we hadnt seen them in ages. Then it was off to The woodlands to the 4th annual 4th of July bash.

4 years ago this was Jakobs first party. He was only 5 weeks old. What a trooper.
We missed a couple years in between but were able to make it this year, Family in tow.

We got there around 5:00. We were greeted by friends whom we havent seen in forever. Most of which live in the Dallas area.
The kids had a grand ole time, Even the dog had a good time!!
Jakob fixated himself on our friend Sarah. It was cute.. he was following her everywhere.

Such a big girl!!
She carried this ball all night!!

On daddys shoulders

My new 'do...

the fam.. would have been perfect if Kate was looking..
Sarah and Jakob

Sweet Kaiser!!

We got home at 11pm friday night and put the kids in their beds. We stayed up a little while to watch some of the neighbors fireworks and then we passed smooth out. It was a great time!! I loved seeing everyone...

I will write about the rest of the weekend later.. when I dont have children running around like crazy people and a dog nipping at their heels.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Outside fun

The past two nights the weather has been beautiful. It has been in the 70s. We have let the kids stay up an hour past their bedtimes so they can play outside and spend some time with daddy.
Here is some video of our awesome family night.. :D

Also check out Kaiser the Circus dog.. :D

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day to my Imported Canadians..

Thank you for the great Canada stuffed animals. Kate loves her moose!! We love you guys!! Have a great day!

My girl knows Allergy

When Kate is allergic to something boy is she allergic..
It all started two nights ago when I noticed a small bite on Kates foot. I couldnt tell if it were an ant bite or a Mosquito bite. It was a little red and swollen but nothing to be alarmed at.

The next day Kates entire foot was swollen and red and hot to the touch. I was a pretty worried because I have this fear of spiders and was petrified at the thought that she may have been bitten by a Recluse or something worse. But I examined her foot and noticed that it looked just like a mosquito bite. I believe spider bites have 2 puncture areas, Hers had one.

By yesterday it was still swollen but was going down and so was the redness.
We spent most of the night outside last night because it was so beautiful. We come in to the house ready for bed and to my amazement Kate has 3 more mosquito bites. One on her cheek and one on each side of her head near her temples. Now not Jakob or I or Dustin was bitten. In fact we never even saw a single mosquito. They spray in our neighborhood every night!!

It amazes me that she got bit 3 times and none of us got bit once. And look how her body reacts!! I wish I had a pic of her foot from the past 2 days it was way worse. But you get the idea.

So I was doing some research and it appears she has Skeeter Syndrome.

So here is my best attempt to get a good pic of her bumps..

Hugs, Hair and pup

I just wanted to post a quickie.
I got my hair cut last week SUPER DUPER short.. we are talking.. really short. I love it!!
Dustin took a picture of it but I am not sure I like his picture. But I ll humor you anyway..
I have worn my hair this short before so its really no big deal for me. But the girl who cut my hair, told me after she cut it she was terrified because my hair was long and I told her to chop it lol.
Jakob and Kate are doing great. Jakob is done with all VBSs so now we have to find stuff to do. Here is a Pic of Jakob and Kate hugging. I promise you this was on their own accord and not staged!!

And lastly the pup. He is such a good pup. In fact last night he let me sleep all night without needing to go out to potty. YAY. Maybe I ll be a little saner today because of it.
He can sit, stay and lay. We are working on walking on a leash. He is only 10 weeks and they said its a bit early to take him on walks. So we have just been walking up and down the side walk.
Here is a recent pic:

Thats about it for me.

We have lots of plans this weekend for the holiday. We are going to a friends on the 4th. And then on Saturday we are going to Aunt Dianas to have bbq with the family..yay.

Have a fabulous day!!!