Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My girl knows Allergy

When Kate is allergic to something boy is she allergic..
It all started two nights ago when I noticed a small bite on Kates foot. I couldnt tell if it were an ant bite or a Mosquito bite. It was a little red and swollen but nothing to be alarmed at.

The next day Kates entire foot was swollen and red and hot to the touch. I was a pretty worried because I have this fear of spiders and was petrified at the thought that she may have been bitten by a Recluse or something worse. But I examined her foot and noticed that it looked just like a mosquito bite. I believe spider bites have 2 puncture areas, Hers had one.

By yesterday it was still swollen but was going down and so was the redness.
We spent most of the night outside last night because it was so beautiful. We come in to the house ready for bed and to my amazement Kate has 3 more mosquito bites. One on her cheek and one on each side of her head near her temples. Now not Jakob or I or Dustin was bitten. In fact we never even saw a single mosquito. They spray in our neighborhood every night!!

It amazes me that she got bit 3 times and none of us got bit once. And look how her body reacts!! I wish I had a pic of her foot from the past 2 days it was way worse. But you get the idea.

So I was doing some research and it appears she has Skeeter Syndrome.

So here is my best attempt to get a good pic of her bumps..

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Kim H. said...

Poor little thing... that stinks. I got one really bad in college, the day before I was going to meet John for the first time actually. The mosquito bit me on my eye lid, and it swelled up like nothing I've ever seen before... I took all the benadryl I could, and used the cream on top of the pills... it as still swollen when I went on our first date! I guess he loved me anyway... despite my elephant eye on our first date! HA!