Thursday, August 30, 2007

One to go!

Well its official, We are no longer the owners of our first house.
Closing was scheduled for 4pm today but our realtor called us at 1pm saying the buyer had already signed and we could go sign now. So we did. It took about 30 minutes and that was it.
So its all falling into place. We close on our New house tomorrow at 11am. Hopefully all will go just as smoothly.
Today we are just packing up all the misc stuff that is lying around and the kids toys. We packed up everything in the kitchen last night and the dressers. You should see the pile of trash we have.. You never know how much useless crap you have until you move, then you think, Hey I havent seen that in 5 years.. Must not need it.. throw it away. Its a very liberating feeling. I love it. So needless to say there are atleast 10 bags of trash(and I am underestimating) in the garage awaiting Friday.
So for the rest of today we are going to take down all the beds and put all the big stuff in the garage, ie, Washer and dryer, entertainment shelf and so on. Then Dustin and I will pick up the truck tomorrow morning at 8am then head home to start loading. Dustins Cousin couldnt make it down from Austin :( So Dustins Dad will be filling in. We will get as much in the truck as we can before having to leave to close on our new house at 11am. Then we should be done with all that jazz no later than 1ish, then we will finish packing up and head on over.. I ll probably go to the house early and make sure its clean, vacuum, possibly steam clean the carpets and get the house ready for all our stuff!! And thats it. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I wont be able to sleep tonight for sure!!
The next time I post I will have pics!!

Have a blessed day,


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

House drama

For those of you that know me well enough, know that I cant stand Drama of any sort... So you can only imagine the amount of stress I am under with this whole house issue.
So heres the latest: Did not close yesterday, wont close today will most likely close tomorrow but not till 3pm. This may mess up our Closing on the new house because its a holiday weekend and our lender wont get funded from the old house in time to fund the new house... or something like that. And if we dont close Friday on the new house we will have to re-do the loan which will set us back and most likely we wont get the interest rate we are at now. So I am just freaking out a little. All of our loan stuff is done and waiting at the title company.. The buyer unfortunately is borrowing through Bank of America and they like to take their time with EVERYTHING. Even though they have had this loan in the works for almost a month now.
So thats the latest on the house. I ll keep you up to date since things seem to change with the wind. Oh and to top everything off.. My lender doesnt like my realtor and my realtor doesnt like my Lender so they are all griping to us. Look guys... I dont care put your personal stuff aside and get it done!!

To be continued....

Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday was a whirl wind of a day. We had church as usual and as always we get there 30 minutes early to make sure all the volunteers and caregivers have everything they need and dont have any questions. We had a new Childrens worship leader(Jenn and I have been doing this and it is not our strong point) Dawn was awesome. She does such a great job with the kiddos. Then we had what we call Teacher Tool Time, to help the volunteers learn tricks and techniques to the trade of teaching. Of coarse I am just a student as well Jenn is the real expert so she commands this. Meanwhile my children are still at church because Dustin had a detail. I have great kids that they can pretty much go anywhere and are fine. They had been at church from 10-1:30 and did great. After TTT we went home for lunch and then got back in the car and headed BACK to church for Stacis diaper and wipe shower put on by the ladies of FOH. It was quite a success. Staci got tons of diapers. Those should last her about a month ;) . On the subject of Staci, She is doing good. The babies are moving like crazy and I have felt them several times. Its strange to feel 2 babies moving all at once in one area. Such a beautiful thing.
So that was my Sunday in a very big nutshell. Today I am just making alot of calls, Making sure the uhaul truck is available for us and calling to get someone to clean this house after we are out because Lord knows I wont want to. And thats about it. All the utilities and the mail have been scheduled to switch over. Now we are just waiting to move out.
When I talked to the realtor this morning he wasnt sure if the buyer for this house is going to have all his loan stuff ready to close by tomorrow which would put a HUGE damper on us closing on our house on Friday. So just pray that all is done in time for us to close this house tomorrow and the new house on Friday.
Sorry no pics or vids of the kids today..its been too crazy. Hope you all have a blessed day!!!


Saturday, August 25, 2007


Oh and for those who dont know I did baby sign language with Jakob when he was a baby and it helped out tremendously. So naturally I would do it with my next child. I started when Kate was about 9 months just doing the mealtime signs. She finally caught on to More and heres the video. :D

Nothing new to report...

Yesterday and today have pretty much been a kinda pack when we have time and kinda organize days. We sold our Gigantic Sony tv last night on Craigslist. Man I love that site. And also my new addiction thanks to the ladies at FOH is I gave away my first thing yesterday and if felt great, Not just because I GAVE it away but because now I can get rid of some of my useless junk. :D I gave away the Co sleeper that Kate used for about 2 days when she was a newborn. She instead wanted to sleep right next to us, not elevated from us.
So to sum it up.. Still packing, Selling or giving away stuff and some more packing. I cant wait to move to the new house... Is it Friday yet...
In the meantime, Heres a video of Kate WALKING.. Ok so shes walking with a push toy but it counts right?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Entering the wide world of Blogging...

This is my first official blog and I am suddenly without a topic. So I figured I would just do what I do about myself. lol.
My Name is Tasha I live in Houston Tx. I have been married for 5 years(6 in October) To Dustin. We have 2 beautiful Children, Jakob Phillip who is 3 years old and Katharine Marie who will be 1 year in September.
We are very active in our Church, The Fellowship of Houston. I co lead the Children's Ministry and Dustin is the Drummer in the Worship band. We love our church!!
We are currently moving so I am sure I ll be blogging about that and keeping everyone up to date on all that mess.
And that's about it. This is basically an attempt to keep family and friends updated on the happenings of our family. Which recently are ALOT!!
Stay tuned for more....