Thursday, August 30, 2007

One to go!

Well its official, We are no longer the owners of our first house.
Closing was scheduled for 4pm today but our realtor called us at 1pm saying the buyer had already signed and we could go sign now. So we did. It took about 30 minutes and that was it.
So its all falling into place. We close on our New house tomorrow at 11am. Hopefully all will go just as smoothly.
Today we are just packing up all the misc stuff that is lying around and the kids toys. We packed up everything in the kitchen last night and the dressers. You should see the pile of trash we have.. You never know how much useless crap you have until you move, then you think, Hey I havent seen that in 5 years.. Must not need it.. throw it away. Its a very liberating feeling. I love it. So needless to say there are atleast 10 bags of trash(and I am underestimating) in the garage awaiting Friday.
So for the rest of today we are going to take down all the beds and put all the big stuff in the garage, ie, Washer and dryer, entertainment shelf and so on. Then Dustin and I will pick up the truck tomorrow morning at 8am then head home to start loading. Dustins Cousin couldnt make it down from Austin :( So Dustins Dad will be filling in. We will get as much in the truck as we can before having to leave to close on our new house at 11am. Then we should be done with all that jazz no later than 1ish, then we will finish packing up and head on over.. I ll probably go to the house early and make sure its clean, vacuum, possibly steam clean the carpets and get the house ready for all our stuff!! And thats it. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I wont be able to sleep tonight for sure!!
The next time I post I will have pics!!

Have a blessed day,



Kim said...

Hi Tasha!! Welcome to the neighborhood... or at least this side of 290! We're still unpacking, and probably will be until the weekend is over. We're exhausted, but it is so great to be in our new house. I can't believe we're both moving right now... it's crazy!

asherz said...

hey tasha i hope your moved in and every thing i cant wait to see your new house meme told me what jakob said about the new house thaats funny

asherz said...

this is ashley