Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nothing new to report...

Yesterday and today have pretty much been a kinda pack when we have time and kinda organize days. We sold our Gigantic Sony tv last night on Craigslist. Man I love that site. And also my new addiction thanks to the ladies at FOH is I gave away my first thing yesterday and if felt great, Not just because I GAVE it away but because now I can get rid of some of my useless junk. :D I gave away the Co sleeper that Kate used for about 2 days when she was a newborn. She instead wanted to sleep right next to us, not elevated from us.
So to sum it up.. Still packing, Selling or giving away stuff and some more packing. I cant wait to move to the new house... Is it Friday yet...
In the meantime, Heres a video of Kate WALKING.. Ok so shes walking with a push toy but it counts right?

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