Wednesday, August 29, 2007

House drama

For those of you that know me well enough, know that I cant stand Drama of any sort... So you can only imagine the amount of stress I am under with this whole house issue.
So heres the latest: Did not close yesterday, wont close today will most likely close tomorrow but not till 3pm. This may mess up our Closing on the new house because its a holiday weekend and our lender wont get funded from the old house in time to fund the new house... or something like that. And if we dont close Friday on the new house we will have to re-do the loan which will set us back and most likely we wont get the interest rate we are at now. So I am just freaking out a little. All of our loan stuff is done and waiting at the title company.. The buyer unfortunately is borrowing through Bank of America and they like to take their time with EVERYTHING. Even though they have had this loan in the works for almost a month now.
So thats the latest on the house. I ll keep you up to date since things seem to change with the wind. Oh and to top everything off.. My lender doesnt like my realtor and my realtor doesnt like my Lender so they are all griping to us. Look guys... I dont care put your personal stuff aside and get it done!!

To be continued....

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