Tuesday, September 4, 2007

All moved in.......finally!!

Well we finally got moved in to our new house. Though let me tell you it was an experience that I ll never forget and I never want to relive.
So I am going to try to remember it the best I can( I have tried to block it out)
So Friday morning we get up and get the Uhaul at 7:30am, I drop the kiddos off at Dawns house around 9:30ish to head back home and help Dustin load the truck. Dustin has already gotten the Fridge in by himself, Hes my big strong manly man.. I was impressed. So anyway, Its now 10:30 so we head down to sign our papers and get our keys to the new house. The title company is in the Gallaria area but the traffic was nothing so we got their about 10 minutes early. So we go in to sign our papers and we get about half way through signing and the escrow lady so emotionless says, "now we are missing the deed to the new house and we cant give you keys until we get it. And we probably wont get it till Monday" Umm.. EXCUSE ME?? We were stunned. Considering Monday was a holiday that meant we wouldnt get our keys till Tuesday. Our realtor jumps on the phone calling everyone to see what we can do and the answers are pretty much all the same. Its the title companies decision and its their policy that they have ALL The paper work before they can give us the keys... regardless if they have the money or not. So we were totally bumming thinking of the money we would be spending on the uhaul for 4 days not to mention not being able to spend the night in our new home.
So we go back to the old house expecting a phone call from our realtor saying we can get our keys. But nothing. So we took matters into our own hands and after hours of talking to everyone we can think of and working our way up to the top... The escrow lady called and said that she spoke to the president of the title company and that they were going to make and exception just for us..(geez thanks) And that we could use a copy of the deed instead of the original..Now all we had to do was wait for the loan to fund.
We get to the new house with the uhaul filled to the brim(still no keys) And sit...and sit and get rained on...and sit. Finally at 7pm we get the call the the realtor is on his way to let us in..YAY. So it was quite a stressful day.. But that being said it was all worth it. We absolutely love our new house. The kids have so much room to roam. We got most of the house set up.. The Gameroom and The kids rooms are pretty much the only ones that arent complete. We still have to paint Jakobs room because he wanted the room with the view...but its pink! So we will have to paint over that..because the pink doesnt go well with his baseball theme.
we have already met both neighbors and they seem very nice.. We found out today that Dustins co worker lives 2 houses down. Thats pretty crazy.
Staci and Mrs. Renee and Mr Tommy came by on Saturday to check out the new casa, then Staci and Aaron came by on Sunday.
Michelle came by today and everyone gives it two thumbs up!
I promise I ll have pics up soon. I am still unpacking and finding homes for all of our stuff!!!

Oh and before I forget.. A huge thank you goes out to Dustins parents, without their help we would have never gotten packed up.. And would have lost our minds in the process. Also thanks to Dawn and Adam.. Dawn watchind the kids from 9am Friday till 8am Saturday!! She is amazing and did us an awesome favor we could never repay her.. it was awesome. Also Adam came over Friday night around 10pm and unloaded all the heavy stuff for us.. he was like a machine. He kept going and going. He was a tremendous help.
Also thanks for all the prayers.. this has been an experience.

Have a great night...


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