Monday, September 17, 2007

Kates Birthday Party

Kate's 1st birthday party was Saturday and a success if I do say so myself. The party began at 2pm and I was amazed at the amount of people that showed up. I just love our family and friends. They are so dedicated. For instance, Adam Baker, he is a young single guy yet shows up to every event we have. Including children's birthday parties.. What a trooper!! I am not sure if its for the free food or for the family ;)
The majority of the Schoen family came with the exception of Papa Randy. He had to work, but we know he was here in spirit!
I was so pleased with Kate's cake. I kinda just thought of the idea and told the lady at walmart what I wanted. I was nervous because she kinda looked at me strange, I am not sure if it was because English was her second language or because she thought I was an idiot. Either way I was scared. But she did a fantastic job and it was exactly how I envisioned it.
So everyone chatted for an hour or so and looked around our house since most of the people that came have never seen it. Well considering we have only been here for 2 weeks I think no one had seen it.
Then we did Cake. Kate wasn't to interested but she did eat the chocolate icing. I remember Jakob wouldn't even touch his cake on his first birthday, to afraid to get dirty, He still is ;) Kate was not timid at all. She had chocolate up to her elbows!!
Then after a bath and quick wardrobe change she opened her presents. Or more like I opened her presents and she played with the tissue paper. LOL. Its so funny to think back when I was a child. I don't remember ever receiving a gift in a gift bag. Its crazy how times and presents have changed. I think the gift bag is much easier to open, especially for a one year old. But I digress, So anyway, Kate got some great stuff, lots of clothes and toys. It was a great day. Most everyone left by 5 with the exception of the Dauphines and Meme and Chris and Deanna and William of coarse because they were staying with us. We then all went to the pool. It was so fun to see William and Jakob swimming. They had a blast!!
That about wraps up the weekend. There was one void within the party, and that was GG . GG we missed you and wished you were here. Everyone was asking where you were. I told them you were probably freezing your butt off up north ;) No I didnt.
So That was the party in a nutshell. Thanks to everyone who came and I cant wait till the next family get together. I am sure we will all see each other again around the time of the Twins arrival!!
We didn't get to many great pics, We never do when Dustin is the photographer.
I am waiting on jenn to send me her pics. I am sure she got some great ones, Kevin is excellent at photography and they have a awesome camera.
But until then these will have to do...

The cupCAKE

Playing with Kevin

Happy Birthday to me!!

Big brother Jakob blowing out the candle..

Wardrobe Change and present time...

I love my bike!!!

Do you think she looks like her momma??

Also, A big thank you to the Addisons who came in from Austin and helped us out so much to prepare for the party!! Thanks Deanna and Chris we love you!!

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Kevin & Jennifer said...

We had such a fun time!!! The cupcake cake was awesome! I am impressed that Walmart did it. I thought you got them from a bakery. My pictures will be on their way very soon! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us, Katharine!