Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teaser pics

I am working on a video tour right now..but here are some outside pics of the new casa.. Enjoy!!
And here is a video of the downstairs.. Kids are sleeping so I ll get the upstairs later...



~IVF in Texas Journal~ said...

Yay it looks so good!!!!!

Kim said...


It looks great!! At least you've got pictures out - we haven't gotten that far in our unpacking! :-) Enjoy the new house... we are enjoying ours as well.

Kim said...

HA! I just realized - or John pointed it out to me - but we have the exact same doormat! I just bought it over the weekend, how funny?!

Sue said...

Hey kids!
What a BEAUTIFUL home!!! I love this idea; it's great for people like me that live so far away. Thanks for sharing. God's blessings to you all in your new home.
Hugs & Love ~ Sue

Matt said...

DANG! this rules!
however, i want to see dustin's percussion room when he gets that set up. :P