Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dinner party/ Birthday pics

Well it was a rather easy week. Recovering from the festivities last Saturday was not as hard as I had dreaded. The house is pretty tidy and all I needed to do is dust! For having a much bigger house than our previous one, it for some reason is much easier to keep clean? I am not sure why that is but its the truth.
So last night we had our monthly dinner party and it was at our house this time. Which is perfect because we always drop the kiddos off at Dawns house with the baby sitters, Seeing as she has 3 kids and toys and room galore its the best choice. Dawn and Adam live 3 minutes from our house, And I am not exaggerating because we clocked it last night. So after dropping the kids off we came back to the Schoen house for some homemade lasagna(Yes I cooked it and it was DAMN good) Crab fettuccine Alfredo which was fabulous and lots of Merlot :D It was a great night of food and friends. We played the "not so newlywed game" And we came in 3rd. I think it was rigged. Aside from losing we had a great time!! Cant wait for next months night out.
Jenn and Kevin also brought a cd with the pictures from Kates birthday party. Kevin did a great job! So here they are:

Some of the party guest(notice the belly ;) )
Jenn and Kiera
Kiera(Kates bff) and Kate
Aww sharing!
The birthday girl
Lil Miss Abby(Kates other buddy)
Me awed by Jenns Creativity

Thats it.. For now!! Have a great weekend.

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