Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I cant believe it..

Has it really been 2 1/2 weeks since I last posted?? Either I have been really busy or its been really boring and I have had nothing to report.
Well they are both kinda true.

I have been busy at times but nothing really unusual or interesting.

Well except the news that my bestest friend and Sister in law (Dustins sis) is moving to NewFoundland!! For all of those geographically challenged(such as myself) This is the Eastern most tip of North America. It is a Province of Canada. So if you can put two and two together, yes they are moving out of the Country. I have had a few weeks for it to set in and I am so happy for them. It is an opportunity that I am not sure I would pass up either. It is temporary so thats a good thing, though my idea of temporary doesnt include moving across the continent and staying there for 3 or more years, thats what Aarons company considers temporary. It will be fun to visit though so I am looking forward to that.

On other news we have just been preparing for the spring. It is starting to be beautiful outside so we spend lots of time out there. Though I wish sometimes I had a green thumb and could actually grow plants and flowers, I have just been looking at our dull colorless yard wishing I had some talent. Thats another thing I ll miss about Staci, she always helps me(does it for me) with my yard every year.

I have also been preparing(mentally) for Jakobs 4th birthday. And getting ready for all the upcoming spring events. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year and in Texas they are also the shortest because they are eclipsed by Summer which usually starts in April and Ends in November. So we actually get maybe 1 good month of both.
I am currently gearing up for Easter.
I went to Target yesterday and I think I got most of the kids Easter Bunny gifts. We dont do big gifts just a basket full of books and candy and bubbles and stuff like that. The bubbles are always the biggest hit anyway.

Friday Dustin is off and we are going to the Livestock show. I cant wait. I have never been to the one here. I went to the one in Ft. Worth all the time growing up. How different can they be. I know the kids will dig it for sure!!
Well thats about all I have to report. I have some pictures for your enjoyment. I ll post them in the next post..


Kim H. said...

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the Livestock Show... it really is going to be different. Ours is HUGE!! There is so much to see and do there... be sure to have a funnel cake for me. :-)

Jenn & Kevin said...

Those outdoor pics are beautiful. They will make some nice scrapbook pages!