Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we went to Aunt Michelle's and went to her neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. There were a good amount of kiddos there and it was so cute to see Jakob finally get the hang of hunting for the eggs. The last 3 years we had to help him out. This year though he was on a roll.

Kate also participated and she got a few eggs in her basket but her concern was opening each one up before she put it in her basket and handing me its content. So you can imagine by the time we got 3 eggs the hunt was over ;). The Easter bunny was there visiting and Jakob wanted no part in it. He stayed about 10 yards away from him at all times. Later when I told him that the Easter bunny was coming while he slept he told me "NO, I dont want the Easter bunny at my house"

After the Hunt at the park we went to Aunt Michelle's for another hunt. You see Aunt Michelle had this oh so terrific idea to take the rinky dink stickers that all the eggs from the earlier hunt contained out and fill the eggs with chocolate candies and then hide them in her back yard.
So Uncle Chris took the revised eggs out and hid them and we sent Jordan and Jakob(Kate had no interest) out to find them. They did this in record time and were soon inside opening every egg up and stuffing their faces with Chocolate. I allowed this only because we were at aunt Michelle's other wise I would have quickly taken the candy out of the eggs and allowed him one a day. Like I do at home. After the sugar rush we took the kiddos out back to run off some of the energy. Soccer and Frisbee lost its fun quickly. So Aunt Michelle had another brilliant idea and brought out Kids croquet. It took all of 2 mins for the kids to destroy this idea so we decided to just do obstacle courses. Jakob had so much fun playing with Cousin Jordan. They do so great together. Kate was never 100% so I cant really say she had any fun at all.

Easter Sunday Jakob and Kate woke up and looked at their Easter baskets and the we quickly whisked them off to get dress. We decided to go to the Early services which start at 8:30 and it is a 20 minute drive for us so we were quite rushed. But we got there just in time to witness the awesomeness that is our Worship band. HOLY COW, it was phenomenal. I wish I had it on video. If you didnt know any better you would have thought you stumbled in on a Broadway Play. It was incredible. It was so amazing that over 200 people gave their lives to Christ that day. WOW the power of music is amazing.

After church we went to Aunt Stacis house. The Easter bunny came to her house also. Thanks Aunt Stacis' Easter bunny!!
The kids hunted for eggs. Aunt Stacis Easter bunny is a healthy one though, he put raisins and goldfish crackers and fruit snacks in his hidden eggs!!!
We had so much fun spending time with Aarons Parents and Sister and baby Presley. We love those guys!!
Thanks Mr. Tommy for the Awesome Ribs!! I ate 2!!

All in all it was a terrific weekend. Like it always is when spending time with family!!
I ll post pictures in the next post!!

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Jenn & Kevin said...

Jakob is one handsome little boy and I just love Kate's dress! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!