Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zoo Time.

Every year around this time we try to make a trip to the Zoo. We weren't able to go last year for some reason so I wanted to make darn sure we went this year. And really there isn't any reason why we cant go more than once a year other than the summer time is way to hot and its kinda far. But well worth it I think.
It was Staci and I and 5 babies and a 13 year old. And it went so smooth. There could have been so many disasters, melt downs and freakouts but the kiddos were awesome!! Only one melt down between my 2 kids and that was around lunch time so that was expected.

We started the day off at McDonald's on our side of town. Boy what an attraction we were. Staci had the twins(4 months) , Jordan(2) and Ashley(13) and I had Kate(1) and Jakob(3).
Then we headed downtown.
We decided to park at the park and ride and ride the Metro Rail(train) to the zoo. There isn't a stop directly in front of the zoo so we had to walk about 2 blocks. It wasn't bad except that the wind has been gusting upwards at 30 mphs and that's hard to push strollers in that resistance, my legs and bottom were feeling the burn last night!!

After going to the petting zoo we decided to have a picnic lunch.
Jakob kept asking me when we were going to see some animals because we had been there about an hour and really only seen some goats and some prairie dogs.
So we finally started looking at animals and all the kids loved them.
We left the zoo around 4pm and got back on the train and headed home. We got home around 5pm.
Because the kiddos didn't nap yesterday they slept in till 8:30 this morning. It was so nice!!

Thanks Aunt Staci for coming with us to the Zoo, we had the best time!

I ll post pics in a new post.. Have a great day!!

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Matt said...

Those pics are great. It looked like a fun Zoo trip. The monkeys are always my favorite when I visit the Zoo.
Your Kids are SOO cute!
I like Jake in his baseball cap. He's a little stud.