Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing real exciting to report.....

We have had a pretty uneventful week so far. Took Jakob to school tuesday and Wednesday . Checked out the new ginormous H.E.B down the road. It was the grand opening and knowing there would be free stuff I didnt eat breakfast. So Kate and I munched on lots of freebies that morning.. Yum. They also gave out free blocks of Chedder Cheese, Salsa and they had tons of great coupons. I got $2 off of their H.E.B brand Diapers that are usually $ 10 for the mega pack, which includes like 52 diapers I think. And in case you are wondering, I am an avid Huggies user but thought it was such a great deal that I couldnt pass it up... Well the HEB Diapers work fabulously. So i think I am going to make a switch :D
Yesterday after Jakobs nap he woke up screaming and crying and whining in pain. He was/is complaining that his head and ear hurt. So I am pretty sure its an ear infection :( First one ever as far as I know. So needless to say last night was not so pretty. I went out for a L. N.O event (Ladies night out) And came home at 10 to a crying boy. So gave him some tylenol and Dustin put him in bed with us. Well he woke up every hour or so and cried and whined. We got about 3 hours of total sleep last night :( Jakob missed school as well today.. There goes his perfect attendence ;) He has been running a low fever but seems to feel a little better for the time being. I feel lucky and I am knocking on wood now, because my kids are rarely sick.
Today we plan on just laying low.
Staci has an appointment with the Doc at 11am. I have a feeling he is going to tell her to go to the the hospital for an induction. Her legs look like the stay puff marshmellow man. And you can tell the circullation is not good through her legs. Poor girl. She feels fine though which is good. So I ll keep you posted on whether or not we are going to have twins today or if we are still waiting.
I have a couple videos of the kiddos. One is especially for My grandmother, the kids' GG. The other is of my 13 month old Genuis baby Kate. ;) Enjoy!!!

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Kim said...

Wow - Kate is such a good talker!! :-)