Thursday, October 25, 2007

Staci Update

Staci got back from the dr and she is 2 cm dilated. For those of you that have had children before, you know that this could mean we could have babies tonight... Or not for weeks. Depending on the babies. But we wont have to wait for weeks if it is the latter. Because Staci is scheduled to have Boo babies!! Thats right her babies will be induced on October 31st. Yes thats right your calendar is not lying to you that is in 6 days!! I am so excited and nervous I can barely stand it. Of coarse we want the best for the babies and want them to be born healthy and without complication. So please pray for Staci and Aaron and big sister Ashley. I will keep everyone updated but in the mean time be sure to check out her blog here.
Thats all I have for now!!! Till later,



Kim said...

So exciting! I know you guys are as excited as Staci & Aaron... maybe if they come earlier - they can go home in halloween costumes?! HA - just kidding!

Kim said...

I made Staci & Aaron some chicken spaghetti today - it's in the freezer waiting for those babies to arrive and make it home. :-)