Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Fall Show review

So every September I look forward to the new shows the networks have cooked up.
So here is my take on all the shows. Please know that I am not a professional critic thought I feel I could be ;)

I felt this show was super lame. They should have stuck with commercials. Even they aren't funny. Now a show about the talking gecko.. now I d watch that!!

Great concept. Very fresh and witty. Jerry O Connell's Character was hysterical. Each of the Characters were very unique. I will Dvr this one again next week ;)

Pushing Daisys
TOTALLY original. Nothing else like it. If you don't have HD television to watch this I suggest getting it. The colors are very vibrant. If you like Tim Burton type movies this is your show. This aside from Ugly Betty and Greys anatomy is my new fave!!

Bionic Woman
I watched the first episode just out of curiosity. I actually liked it. The second episode however bored me. I am not into the whole Robot saving the world against other robots thing so I wont be watching this one again.

Private Practice
I was really excited about this one but it bores me now. Greys anatomy it is not. It is more like a soap than anything. Not very original in my opinion.

Big shots
Totally original. Its a Sex in the City for married Men. I thought it was great! If you are touchy female you might not like some of the masculine and non feminist remarks but it was very quick and witty.

And that is my review.

Disclosure: the opinions expressed in this blog are of the author exclusively. If you disagree... good for you!


Kim said...

HA! The disclosure statement made me laugh. I thought Carpoolers was funny too.

lkrum1999 said...

You crack me up!!!! I missed all of the premiers.