Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Sick Kiddos means no fun for mommy....

Two things I have learned in having 2 children:
1. When one gets sick, you can bet the other one will soon follow.
2. Two sick kiddos = No sleep for mommy.

Jakob came home Wednesday complaining of a "headache" And his ear was hurting. Wednesday night he was screaming and crying in pain. He slept with us and kept me up all night. Thursday was just the same as Wednesday. Friday a little improvement but still not sleeping through the night and Katharine begins to get sick. Saturday night both kids are sick and up every other hour or so. So Saturday night was a loss. I dont even know why I bothered siking myself up for sleep. With both kids sick I decided not to take them to church on Sunday, I didnt want to spread the sickness, and we also had to miss cousin Micahs birthday. I felt awful because I was so looking forward to seeing the family and celebrating Micahs birthday. But it really wouldnt have been fair to the kids, or to the people who would be attending the party. They would have brought home more than just party favors....
This morning the kids woke up early(atleast we all slept most of the night) And are still sick. I think Kate is at the worst part today and Jakob seems to be getting better. Along with Kates cold she has a strange rash all over her legs, bum and a little on her belly. IT looks like little ant bites and she has been scratching at them? First thought was it was chicken pocks but it hasnt spread. So we are just keeping a close eye on them and if they spread we will bite the bullet and go to the doctor.
And that is what we have been doing the last couple days.. Festering in sickness.
I sure hope the kids get better so I can go see Staci and the babies on Wednesday!! But I dont want to risk it so we all need to be super well first.
Kate is calling me from her crib so I must bring this post to an end.. Till next post!!


Kim said...

Is Kate taking any antibiotics? I had a reaction to an antibiotic about a year ago that sounds just like her rash... just a thought.

I hope everyone gets better soon!!

Kim said...

You know what else - I think Abby had something like that about a month or two ago - so you might call Sarah and ask her what the doctor said. :-)

Mamma Jean said...

Could it be poison ivy from the pumpkin patch that you all went to. The pictures of Kate were so cute. By the way I read your blog every day to find about Staci & Aaron. Won't be long now, huh?
Mamma Jean