Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jakobs first day of Preschool!!

Three and a half years ago I held this 7lb bald, wrinkly baby in my arms and was forever changed. Wednesday we reached another milestone. PRESCHOOL!! Jakob is in a great program offered by the School District at the high schools. Keep in mind our area of Houston and Cypress have 8 high Schools. They offer a lab for Juniors and seniors who are looking to major in Early Childhood development in College. The Lab "rats" are our precious children. Its only 60 dollars a month for 3 hours 3 days a week. The 60 dollars pays for the supply costs. They use a lottery system and its not widely known about. Its a great program. They except 13 3 year olds and 14 4 year olds and I believe there are 18 or so Student "teachers". There is one "real" Teacher who is Fabulous. So they treat it just like real preschool and the student teachers have to come up with lesson plans and activities and such to teach the children. For instance, This week the letter is A the shape is a circle and the color is red. They sing songs and do crafts all around these lessons. So lets go to the first day of school. I was so nervous that Jakob was going to freak out and permanently attach himself to my leg and not want to go. So we did the pep talks all week. Hyping up preschool. When Wednesday came along I drove him to his drop off and the Student came to get him out of the car, He put his little back pack on and started to walk away!! I screamed "what about my hug" So he came running back gave me a quick hug and said "bye mom" And never looked back!! I was in tears until I reached Kohls and realized that I didnt have to run after a 3 year old while shopping.. YAY! So in a nutshell, Jakob love love loves preschool and he is learning so much already and it was only the second day of school so I cant wait to see what he knows at the end of the school year in May.
I have pictures of him modeling his very stylish Cars backpack and lunch box. And then also one from today modeling his School t-shirt. He looks like such a big boy..


Kevin & Jennifer said...

what a cute little student! I am so glad you were able to put him into Preschool! Now, let's do an early lunch!

Kim said...

So cute. That sounds like a great program - I'm sure he'll learn so much this year.

I've heard so many stories like yours with the first day of school - the kids have no problems, but the Mommies have the attachment issues... I'm sure that I'll be the same way!

I'm so glad that he loves school!! Hopefully it stays that way for years!!