Monday, October 15, 2007

6 years down, a lifetime to go.

Dustin and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary Saturday. In the past we never really celebrated any of our anniversary's simply because there was always (and still is) so much going on in October. But this year, Dustins boss gave everyone $100 dollar gift cards to Churroscos, A very nice South American restaurant. So we got all dressed up.. And let me remind you who we are in that we never get dressed up. It is a rare occasion that I will wear anything other than blue Jeans and that occasion is usually a funeral. But it is nice to get all snazzy once in a blue moon. Dustin even wore slacks so you know that it was a big deal.
We dropped the kids off at Dawns house around 4:30 and then went back home to get ready. Our reservations were at 7:00. I was thrilled to eat at a place that you didnt have to yell across the table because of all the chattering. It was so nice and grown up. Dustin got the $42 steak, He said it was good but not worth $42 ;) I got a yummy chicken and a glass of Merlot. And for desert Chocolate Tres Leches.. OH my gosh, it was Divine!! To bad my stomach hurt from all the food that I couldnt finish it.
I gave Dustin a new wedding band for our anniversary. He lost his original wedding ring about 3 years ago. So I got him a newer(cheaper) Manlier(his words not mine) ring. He was quite surprised.. I surprised myself by keeping it a secret. I usually cant do that and end up giving away hints. But Mum was the word this time!!!
We got to have a great night out and didnt have to pick the kids up till Sunday Morning. Thanks Dawn!!!
And that was our Anniversary weekend. This coming weekend we have our Costume party . I still have no idea what we are going to be for Halloween. It is a couples themed costume party. SO if any of you can think of some creative couples costumes leave a comment, because I am without a clue.
I hope everyone has a great week!! Oh and the twins are scheduled to be here in 3 weeks. I cant wait to be an aunt again!!!
I forgot pics of us all snazzy and stuff:
I am not sure why Dustin looks so mad in these pics??But when you have a tripod taking your picture, you dont get any direction.. Like.. get the hair out of your face blondie, that would have been nice. Oh well ;)


Kevin & Jennifer said...

You guys look great! WOW!! I am so glad you got to go out for your anniversary!

Dauphine IVF/Twin blog said...

Wow you look awesome. I am glad you had fun.

Kim said...

So fun! I'm not a good gift giver either - I always end up giving hints. I just get way to excited about it. :-)