Sunday, October 7, 2007

Visit from Jennifer and Kaitlin/Airshow

This weekend was super busy. My best friend from high school and her 3 year old daughter came in from McKinney on Friday and stayed till 3pm Sunday.
Our weekend was action packed. Friday night we just hung out and the kids got to know eachother. They played so well together. The last time they were together Kaitlin was 16 months and Jakob had just turned a year. They dont remember meeting the first time. But they will remember it this time.
Saturday we woke up and did some errand running. Then we went out to McDs for some lunch. The kids played in the play thing for about and hour. They would have loved to stay longer but it was time for a nap. After naptime we loaded up and went to the Pumpkin patch. It was in Spring which was quite a drive but atleast it was a scenic drive and not highway. The pumpkin patch was awesome and though it was kinda wet and muddy the kiddos did very well. Here are the pics for that:

Kaitlin and Jakob on the pumpkins

Katharine and I

Baby Kate

Kaitlin on the pumpkins

The Giant ant

Jakob and the not so great pumpkin!

Kaitlin on the big slide

Riding on the train!!

Kaitlin and Jennifer

Giant hay spider and Kaitlin

And on that note it was time go!
Then Jennifer and Kaitlin took us all out to On the Border for my birthday and we had a great dinner. The kids did awesome and kate ate a whole plate of mexican rice. She is a little piggy!!!
Sunday the boys got up early and headed out for the Airshow. This is a yearly tradition that Dustin started last year. Jakob is so into planes also.

So the girls went to the Downtown Aquarium. It was so much fun. Kate was amazed with all the fish. But her favorite part was the White tigers. She kept saying "kitty" "kitty" And she cried when we left! I cant wait to take Jakob there. Since the boys went the airshow Dustin took our camera so we didnt get any pics of the kids at the aquarium but here are pics of Jakob at the Airshow(just for you GG)

Thank you so much Kaitlin and Jennifer for visiting. We really dont see eachother often enough. I cant wait till our next visit!!!
Good night everyone..

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