Thursday, November 1, 2007


Wow what a day Yesterday was. It started off trying to get Jakob to wear his costume to school. He was going to be Diego from Go Diego Go. When it came down to putting his costume on he freaked out. Didnt want anything to do with. He does that alot. He doenst like change. I know its a control thing. When I dropped Jakob off at school I broke down crying. "Why did he not want to dress up" "whats wrong with him" "he is going to miss out" "all the other kids are so cute in their costumes" :( So after sobbing for 30 minutes to my grandmother and my hubby I felt much better. At least Kate was still young enough for me to dress up :D
Along with it being Halloween it was also a very special birthday...The twins were born to proud parents Staci and Aaron. I ll have another post about that and pics also. Back to Halloween.
Jakob got to go Trick or treating around his school yesterday. The teachers took all the preschoolers around to all the classrooms and offices and they all got candy!! Jakob came home with 2 huge bags of candy. For 3 years we were able to live through the Candy holidays with a child who had no interest with the candy. Those days are LOOOONG gone. And he doesnt like the typical kid candy.. Oh now he wants Chocolate.
So the first words out of his mouth yesterday were... "I want more chocolate" So I allotted him one piece before nap and one piece after his nap.
At 4 we went up to the church to help put the Fall festival together. It went pretty smoothly the set up. The kids were running around like crazy but they were good.
Dustin met us at the church. We let Jakob do the booths at the festival and then Left to go visit Staci and Aaron. More on that in the next post as well.
So that was our Halloween. We got pics of Kate and a video as well. Jakob didnt dress up so we dont have any pics of him in a costume :(


Kevin & Jennifer said...

Cutest butterfly ever!!!! I bet next year, Jakob will want to dress up! Hang in are a terrific mom!

Kim said...

Isn't it funny how we're more effected by kids decisions than they are? I've watched all the mothers in my life worry about the struggles with their kids (and I'll be 100% the same way) - but the kids are all happy & healthy! You're a great mother, and you'll get a laugh out of this with Jakob someday in the future.