Friday, November 2, 2007

small happenings...

I remember when I worked for money and saw moms that stayed home with their children. I had this fantasy idea of stay at home moms just being able to sleep late, take long showers. Have the house cleaned and sparkly by 10am and then off to shop.
Now this was before I had children but this was the fantasy I wanted. After my precious Jakob was born I had to work for the first 8 months of his life. Then God gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was going to be able to stay at home. I was going to life the fantasy!!
Well I learned very quickly that they call them fantasies for a reason.
Fast forward almost 3 years later and I am busier than I ever was as working woman. And I love every moment of it.

Myth number 1: Sleeping Late
Late is a matter of opinion. If I get to sleep in past 6:30 I am feeling blessed.

Myth number 2: Long showers..
This one makes me laugh. How could I ever think this. With a 3 year old coming in every couple minutes just to make sure I knew he was there and a 1 year old climbing on cabinets and playing with mommys unmentionables a long shower is a usually getting hair washed and body washed before the water even gets warm.

Myth number 3: Clean house by 10am
I ll be lucky if I ll have a clean house by CHRISTMAS!
Just the moment that it is cleaned, something is spilled or toys are dumped. I dont stress over this as much as I used to. And this is apparent if you ever come to visit unexpected ;)

Myth number 4: Shopping
This one makes me laugh as well. Though I am very fortunate to have a husband that is able to support his family and lets me shop whenever I want. I cant find the time and every time I go shopping I end up buying for the kids and not myself. This is a good thing but not part of the fantasy I had. :0

And though time is something of a memory at our house. I wouldnt change a second. I feel so fortunate to be able to mother these beautiful children and be a wife to my Super hunky, super cool hubby..

So you might think "since when does Tasha post anything but Kid pictures and stories?" Well I am on a mission to better my writing skills. I used to love writing and since I entered the real world(left high school) I have lost a little bit of that skill. So this is my practice. Not that I would try to make a career out of it. Its just nice to write agian. Even if I dont have anything interesting to write about. I think thats the point of writing.. making the uninteresting, interesting with your ability to tell a story.
Another reason for these types of posts is I am entering a bloggers challenge. Thanks to Kim who turned me on. Learn more

So let me know how I am doing and if you find my blog the least bit entertaining.. And if you dont.. Lie so that my ego doesnt suffer ;)


TTQ said...

Hi, I'm just poppin through via the randomiser! Happy NaBloPoMo!

Kevin & Jennifer said...

That is a great post!! I am glad you are getting back into writing! I love to write but NEVER have the time. I may have to check the bloggers challenge! By the way, I had the same fantasies as a SAHM. And, if we did have time to shop who has the money?????????

Kim said...

Yeah - I'm so glad that you're writing too! I'm a big fan of writing, and I'm even taking a class to learn about writing children's books.

I think your life is very entertaining!