Thursday, November 29, 2007

No title

So I dont have a title for this post because...there have been just so many things going on that they dont all fit under one title. And I dont feel like posting 15 different posts for the day.
I havent forgotten about blogging.. actually it haunts me in my sleep. "I cant believe I havent been blogging" "just get up and type a few lines to let everyone know you are still alive"

Is this normal?? I think I may have a condition, or it could be that I am delirious . Who knows?
So where did I leave off last time, I dont even know.
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving was great. We all met at my sister in laws house and along with about 30 other friends and family members we enjoyed to the typical thanksgiving day dinner, turkey with all the trimmings, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and apple pies!!
I ll post pics in a different, pic only post later.
Friday: I did not participate in the black Friday shopping extravaganza, for 2 reasons, I am somewhat of a sane person ;) And because Dustin worked.
Saturday we put up all of our Christmas decorations. YAY.. I love this time of year. I really wish we could keep all the decorations up all year round. I just love it!!
Saturday night we went on a date to a little get together at Dustins Boss' house. It was great fun and I got to show off my skills of being a tom boy and knowledge of nascar and all things car related ;) when we played Battle of the Sexes!!!
Sunday it was our last service as the Fellowship of Houston. So it was an emotional day. I got very sad watching how far the worship band had come and how hard Aaron and Dustin had worked especially and to watch it just end was sad. But its a great new beginning and I am siked!!
Monday was a typical day if I remember correctly. Honestly this week has been a blur.. and this is why....
Tuesday, Stacis 30th birthday we had plans to take her out after the hubby got home from work. Well I was on the phone with her mom and she had to hang up abruptly(she was at stacis visiting her for her birthday.)
Turns out Lily had stopped breathing and they had to administer cpr. They called 911 and took Lily to the emergency room. She had to be put on Oxygen. They did a RSV test and it came back negative but she had so much fluid in her lungs which is why she stopped breathing.
We have been taking shifts with Lily, because someone has to be with her at all times.
Then Wednesday Preston went to the ER because he was very congested and not eating. They did a chest xray and he has pneumonia. So both babies are in the hospital. As if that were not enough, Aaron was in Scotland and couldnt get a flight home until Wednesday night.

So Tuesday and Wednesday night I stayed at the hospital from like 7pm-1am. So that staci could do whatever she needed to do. Like tend to Preston when he was at home and to spend some time with Ashley.
I am so exhausted so I see an early night in my future.
Today the babies are doing good. They are just hanging out in the hospital and being observed.

Tomorrow is our monthly Couples dinner party. I am so ready for it!!!
So that was my week.. I hope that is excuse enough for not being more prompt on my posting. But if its not enough....I left out much of my day to day tasks I could explain those as well ;)

I hope everyone has a good night..

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The Stone-Simmons Family said...

I know how you are feeling! I am glad you were there to help as much as you did. THANKS for being such a great sis-in-law. I took some dinner to them today hoping it would help with not being there physically. Both of mine are sick now! UGH! Anyways, glad we got to spend some time together even though it was at the hospital.