Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last night...

Last night was one for the books. I got home after a very fancy, relaxing dinner party from our new church The Met and both kids were sound asleep. I started to get ready for bed around 11pm or so and as soon as my head hit the pillow, Katharine woke up screaming. Almost like she had had a really bad dream. I go to pick her up.. turns out she had vomited all in her bed and on her jammies.
So I put her in bed with us and after an hour of her wiggling and crying I take her downstairs so Dustin can sleep. Just as I am getting her to sleep.. Jakob wakes up and starts screaming for me.

He doesnt feel good.
So I get Kate back asleep and get Jakob in bed with us and about 10 minutes later he tells us his tummy hurts. The thought didnt even occur to me that Kate had just thrown up..maybe he was sick at his stomach as well.. Just as I finished that thought... Jakob threw up all over himself, our sheets our blankets..anything within a 1 mile radius it seemed got drenched.
So we had to pull the sheets and well you know the routine.
We finally got Jakob asleep and I laid there trying to sleep but my scratchy throat and coughing kept keeping me up. I think I finally fell asleep about 3am? And then rose again at 6:30 to the most annoying sounding alarm clock in the world. Its days like this I wish Dustin didnt work so many Saturdays :( I could really use a nap. zzzzzzzzz
Both kids seem to be fine at the moment. They are running around like the crazy kids they are.. Hopefully all that vomiting was releasing the sickness that has plagued them for the past 2 weeks?? Who knows. ..

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Kevin & Jennifer said...

Man you have had it sooooo rough lately. May last night be the LAST night you have to deal with sick kiddos for awhile!