Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pics galore

Kates new favorite play area
From our Girls weekend: Jessica, Me, Dawn and Rhonda
From our girls weekend pt II: Jessica, Jenn, Dawn and Rhonda
Silly boys!!!!
Thanksgiving and the Kids table!! Jakob and Jordan
Kate and Jordan eating Thanksgiving dinner
Great grandpa and Preston, Thanksgiving
The great grandkids: Katharine, Micah, Lily, Ashley, Preston, Jordan and Jakob

Papa, Meme and the twins
Great Grandparents and the twins
Best aunt ever..and the twins :D
Great grandpa playing with Katharine!! Precious!
Jakob decorating the Christmas Tree
Kate joining in...
Jakob playing with the train
Can I keep it up all year???

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Kim said...

Sweet pictures! I love your Christmas tree - it looks great!