Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My week with 4 Kiddos

Last week was a week full of fun and excitment.
It all started Thursday when Staci dropped off the Twins(I hate saying this but I am writing it for a dramatic effect) and took off to Canada for 4 days.

I have to say Staci is blessed in the baby department. Man those kids are good. When Katharine was 5 months old all she did was scream all the time. I can probably name about 3 times that they cried. Never at the sametime and mainly because I wasnt fast enough with the food.

Friday we went to Mops. It was an experience getting a 3 year old, 18 month old and 2 5 month olds up and ready and in the car by 8:45am but we did it. Luckily Staci dropped off the "limo"(twin stroller) so it was possible for us to get out. Kate helped me push the limo while Jakob held on from the side. It went as smooth as silk.

Saturday we dropped all the kids off with someone so Dustin and I could enjoy a kid free night to see one of my favorite Singers, Jeremy Camp. It was an amazing show and we had awesome seats!! When we got home I crashed at 11:00pm. Boy I am old. I remember going to concerts in my early days and staying out the rest of the night. Sheesh.
We did get to sleep in Sunday because there were no kids crawling into our beds at 6:30am. We also decided to skip church and pick up the kids later. It was so relaxing. And much needed.
Later that evening we picked up all 4 kiddos and went back home.
Monday we all went to bible study and by the end of bible study Staci was home from Canada and took the babies home.
We had such a great time watching the babies and look forward to when we can do it again. Maybe not over night next time, I really did miss my sleep ;)

So here are some pics of the weekend. Mostly of the big kids feeding the babies.


Double the blessing said...

Awww they are holding hands. They love each other.

Kim H. said...

So... now you're ready for two more, right? HA! Glad you made it through... and didn't have any major meltdowns!