Thursday, April 17, 2008


Some of you may know of my love affair with my Town and Country. Some of you it may be news to. But as a child I always dreamed I would be a mini van driving mamma. And I was.... even if it was for 1.5 years.
You see about 4 months ago my van started making this horrible metal on metal sound. We took it to the car doctor and the diagnosis was not good. My baby needed a new heart. The guys said the whole bottom half of the engine was shot and we could either get a used rebuilt one for 3 grand. Or a brand new one for 6 grand.

To say the least I was heart broken. Not a day went by that I didnt say how much I loved my van. Here are a few things that I loved:

The room!!

The duel power sliding doors.

The third row

The leather seats

Duel climate control

Domestic car!!

5 in dash cd changer

and the list goes on and on.

So our options were drive the car until it exploded and left me stranded somewhere with my 2 kids and then not be able to trade it in.

Park it and pay for it every month while driving Dustins car. Meaning waking up super early and taking him to work.

Or lastly trade it in ASAP.

Well the Latter was the most logical so thats just what we did.
Since Dustin works for Toyota it was only natural to go with a Toyota. For several reasons number 1 being that we could get a car for a little over cost. And they would be willing to work with us since they know where Dustin works ;)
2nd they are super reliable and hold their value very well.

I tried so many times talking Dustin into another minivan. The Siennas are quite nice. But they only had 2 used ones on the lot and they were a little out of our price range and plus Dustin had his heart set on a Camry.

So I got an 07 Camry. It is silver and very nice. I am having a hard time letting go of my minivan though so it is hard for me to really fall in love with the Camry. Dont get me wrong it is super nice and trust me I know how blessed we are to be able to do this but you dont understand the love I had for my van. Well maybe now you do, or maybe you think I am a little crazy but either way.. I loved my van!!

So Rest in Peace Minivan!!

Here is a pic of the new car.


kstahr said...

Oh Tasha, I feel your pain! As you know we decided to fork out the 3K to give ours an update heart. I love my van too! I hope you grow to love your Camry. It sure is pretty and it is true...those Japanese know how to make a car that lasts!

Mama Jean said...

I know you hate to let things go that you love, just think, when gas is going to be about $5.00 A GALLON. Just a thought maybe some things happen for the better.
mama Jean

Jenn & Kevin said...

TAG, you're it! Go read my blog to figure out what I am talking about!