Sunday, March 1, 2009

Odds and Ends

We had a very busy weekend. Friday we went to the Cook off at the Houston Rodeo. It was an interesting experience. I am not to sure I would do it again but atleast I can say I have been to the Cook off.
Saturday daddy was off of work and we went to Conroe to celebrate February family birthdays. We had a blast! It is always interesting to watch the dynamics between the youngest baby who is 8 months old and the oldest who is 86 and everyone in between. It was loud and crazy and totally exhausting but it is always worth it!
On a personal note, I have been busy with Cypress Calling which is a good thing. That means we are helping people and spreading Gods love.
I had such an awesome opportunity and experience today that I cant wait to share with you.. Look for it in the next couple days on CCMs blog.
Stay tuned for pictures of this weekend!!

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