Sunday, March 22, 2009

Times they are a busy..

Between Cypress Calling, Spring Break and Spring cleaning the Schoen household has been a house full of busy bees.
Lets start with Cypress Calling. We had the most amazing meeting with the head of our Churchs Women's Ministry. She is incredible and welcomed us and sang our praises the whole meeting. Then she invited us to a Leadership retreat of all the women leaders at The Met, THAT WEEKEND. So Jenn and I packed our bags and headed to the Piney woods.
We felt like Celebrities! Everyone knew who we were and what we were there for. We(everyone not just Jenn and I) were treated to 3 meals a day and when I say meals I mean.. hearty, yummy meals. It was so nice to be cooked for and not have to cook for two impatient Preschoolers.
We got to talk about CCM and tell everyone our future plans. We met many leaders in the church who gave us great ideas.
I am so excited about the amazing things God has planned for our Ministry.
Moving on to Spring Break. I knew that having Jakob home from school and not having something to do was going to be difficult so we took a little vacation to GGs(great Grandmas) Lake house. I packed up the kids, and hit the pavement for 4 hours. We arrived in Yantis, Population 300, Just after 3. The only issue I have when on vacation is that the kids are so off their schedules and they start acting crazy. So we had that hurdle to get over but aside from that we had a super fun weekend with GG and Papa Richard.
We got to ride in the boat, Jakob even got to drive!! We went to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. That was the highlight of the trip and then headed home Friday.
Saturday we went Bluebonnet hunting. We got up early, got everyone looking pretty and headed towards Brenham. We found a small little patch near a fence at first and then decided to do some mild trespassing into a large field. There wasn't a fence so we didn't see the harm. We got some great pics of the kids. Unfortunately we didn't get any good pictures of the whole family but that's ok.. I was having a bad hair day.
After we got home from our bluebonnet trip we started working in the yard.
Now let me tell you that I don't have a green thumb and don't find much pleasure in digging in dirt and pulling up weeds, but I really enjoyed it. I went to Lowes by myself, which was refreshing, and really got to look at the plants and decide which one would be right and that I wouldn't kill ;)
So I ended up with two purple Azalea bushes. We planted them in front of the side pillar and then Dustin went to get 2 more because we loved them so much.
I am also going to plant some begonias and bluebonnets around the tree. I also have some big plans for the backyard but that will have to wait for a couple of weeks.
The weather was so beautiful this weekend I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy themselves.
We ended the weekend by taking a bike ride(our neighbor gave us a bike) Dustin on his bike, the kids in the bike trailer and me on my new FREE bike!! It was a great weekend with the family.
I ll post pictures in the next post. I hope you enjoy!

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Staci said...

A bike trailer, awesome. Too bad I can't get out and dig in my dirt. it's still frozen!!!