Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catching up

I suppose my blogging has become a once a week thing. Not purposely. I really want to blog atleast 3 times a week but the real world sometimes doesnt agree with my plans. I am fitting this blogging session while the toilet cleaner sits and does its magic.
This past weekend we did lots of stuff. Half of it has escaped my memory momentarily but it was good times.
Ok... Friday we went to M.O.Ps. It was so much fun and a great way to fellowship with women who have similiar interest. It was a nice 2.5 hours away while the children had their moppets class and learned lots of stuff. Not sure what they learned because everytime I ask Jakob he tells me nothing lol. I am sure thats not the case.
Friday night the girls all met at Jenns for an all night scrap-a-thon. We stayed until 3 am. I had a blast but was missing those hours of precious sleep when Jakob came in and demanded my attention at 6:30 Saturday morning. Needless to say I was worthless.
Sunday was my father in laws 6oth birthday party and it was hosted by Staci and held at our house. It was a great party. Staci did a fantastic job of putting it together. As always I have pictures to share. Then Sunday night I watched the Super bowl all by myself. Dustins parents spent the night at our house and stayed outside talking most of the night. So by myself I watched the amazing game. Let me just say that I am always a sucker for the Underdogs. I am so happy the giants won. Also a big Manning fan. More Peyton then Eliah simply because Peyton played for the Vols back when I was really into college football. So I was very excited for the Manning family. First Peyton makes it to the big game and becomes a champion and then the following year his baby brother does it. Just a great story. After the bowl game I went to bed. And that was my weekend. See pictures from the party above.
And please excuse all the miss spelled words but for some reason spell check isnt working right now. :(

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Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend... and the pics from the party look great!