Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look alikes..

Ever since Kate was born people have always made comments on how much Jakob and her look alike. Well aside from the obvious resemblance from the same parents. They seem to think they look IDENTICAL. So I just wanted to compare a picture of them about the same age.
This took lots of time because when Shuffling through our over 3k pictures from the past 4 years I realized I dont have alot of pictures of my Princess. Dont I feel like a horrible mother. I have this great picture of Jakob when he was 18 months old and at first glance you would swear it was Katharine. But I cant find a pictures of what she looks like now. One that actually is a good one. I figured its mostly because Kate doesnt ever sit still long enough for me to take a picture. I need to take more pictures of my poor girl. So anyway.. here are the pics that I do have that you can see they look alike.. and then the pic of Jakob that if you didnt know better you would think was Katharine.


Kim said...

I think it's pretty cool when kids look alike... they're both cutie pies - so how can you go wrong?

Kevin & Jennifer said...

It truly is amazing. I think the main difference is in their mouths.

Dauphine Twin's said...

gosh I ove those two. They are so freakin cute!!!