Saturday, January 12, 2008

100 things about me..

So my closest friends all have blogs.. and they are blogging 100 random things about themselves. I will try my best. I guess the objective is to learn things about me that you may not know. Hopefully I wont surprise myself.. Here goes...

1. I have little to no pigment in my iris. Last time I went to the eye doctor they did a special scan and she was amazed at how little pigment I had. Explains why even on a very cloudy day I have to wear sunglasses.

2. Although many would think I am skinny, I struggle with my body image. Not in a negative way but in a healthy girly way.

3. I love sweaters.

4. I am an outside girl. Give me the mountains and lakes over staying in and watching tv.

5. I lose motivation easily. For instance, staying at home I lose the will to want to clean my house. This comes and goes in phases.

6. I am very shy around people I dont know.

7. I tend to find 1 or 2 friends that I click with and stick to them like glue

8. I am a total movie buff. I love indy and b movies.

9. When I am nervous I bite my cuticles. And my upper lip.

10. I am very long waisted and do not like pants that sit on my stomach.

11. I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong decade.

12. I am a total Hippie

13. I love Classic rock and the Beatles.

14. John Lennon is one of the greatest song writers/poets ever to live.

15. Music runs through my veins. Only wish I could play the piano.

16. I played the Flute and Oboe in high school.

17. I have always had a thing for drummers even way before I met my husband.

18. I struggle with alone time and wish I had more of it to spend. Just my bible and I.

19. I am not much of a drinker. I have a fear of being out of control.

20. I am a control freak. I cant stand when Dustin drives or when I am riding with someone else because I dont like the feeling that I am not in control if something happens.

21. My children are the most beautiful little people in this world and I would do anything for them.

22. When I was pregnant with Katharine I always had this gut wrenching fear that I would lose her. From the very beginning of the pregnancy on. When she was born the doctor said I was lucky she was 4 weeks early because she had a huge knot in her cord and had she gotten much bigger she wouldnt have survived.

23. I am a very forgiving person.

24. I wish I could run again.. Run in organized runs like I did as a child. I love to run.

25. I hate medication of all kinds. After my knee surgery I refused my pain killer because, once again I dont like the feeling of being out of control.

26. I love love love baseball and wish they had a womens league at our church for me to join.

27. I am very good at basketball. I used to play pickup games with the boys all the time when I was in high School.

28. I love old cars. My dream car is a '63 split window Corvette stingray.

29. My first vehicle was a 1970 Chevy C10 Pickup. It had a sunroof and vinyl seats. The radio was stolen a week before my dad gave it to me so I used to carry a small boom box cassette player on the seat and listen to my 90s teenage angst music.

30. I dont like soap opras but I love Shows like Dawsons creek and One tree Hill

31. I have only gotten one traffic ticket in my life!! And that was when I was 22.

32. I love being busy, because it doesnt give me time to sit down and think.

33. Although I am very shy, I have a healthy self esteem. I am happy with the person I have become and even a little proud.

34. I sometimes put others needs ahead of my own.

35. I love to sing.. I am not sure if I am any good. .but I love to do it.

36. I am terrified of the future this planet has. It scares me that my children wont have health insurance or Social Security or WATER!!

37. I desperately want to do mission work. I would love to go to Africa, but I dont see how its possible with my young family and a husband that is always working.

38. I am currently saving money for a vacation that we plan on taking in 3 years to Disney world. Thats how long it will take for us to save up enough money.

39. I want another baby. I always wanted 4 children but I think 3 would be a good number. Though my doctor advised against it and even though it was so tough to be pregnant. I would do it again.

40. I love my family unconditionally and would do anything for them.

41. I think my Grandmother is the most amazing person on this earth. She is the glue that has held our family together and I hope I have made her proud to see the person I have become and it is because of her.

42. I always wanted to be a social worker. I really enjoyed my Sociology class. Just wish you didnt have to take math for a degree.

43. I kick butt at Trivial pursuit

44. I am a horrible speller.. REALLY BAD..

45. I battle with myself about whether or not I should look for the woman who gave birth to me.

46. When thinking about my father and his death. As I sit now with 2 children the thing that makes me most sad is that my children wont know what an awesome, fun, giving, sensitive person their grandad was.

47. although I have strong faith, I am terrified of dying. Only because I dont want to miss anything.

48. I know now as an adult that my grandmother was always right.

49. I want my kids to have the utmost respect for adults and to be polite.
I get so upset that parents let their children run around and be disrespectful and dont say please and thank you. So much so that I am always on my kids about it. Luckily they got it down so I dont have to be to crazy about it.

50. The halfway mark.. Cant believe I made it this far. I thought for sure I wasnt this interesting.

51. I am a thinker.

52. I love art. Of all kinds. Van Gogh is my favorite.

53. I miss reading. I used to sit down as a preteen and knock out a book a day. And yes they were chapter books ;)

54. I miss my senior year English class.

55. I am one of the least materialistic people I know...

56. Most every day I am at home looking around thanking God for such a beautiful house. And still cant believe its ours.

57. I sometimes fear that because I get attached to a couple people that I become overbearing and push them away..

58. I am paranoid beyond believe. So much so that if I believed in taking drugs to alter moods I would probably be prescribed one.

59. I love scary movies. Even though it just feeds into my paranoia.

60. I love History.

61. I want so desperately to visit England and Italy. I want to walk down Abby road . I want to see Westminster Abby. I want to visit the Colosseum.

62. If you would have asked me 15 years ago how my wedding would be. I would have told you that I wanted to get married in Scotland behind a waterfall. I dont even know if there are waterfalls in Scotland lol.

63. Growing up my entire room was painted Pepto pink. To this day I despise the color pink.

64. The most beautiful sound in the world is my kids laugh.

65. When I was pregnant with my 2nd kid, I was terrified that I would not love her as much as I love my son. That of coarse is not true.

66. I was a little upset when the ultra sound tech told me I was having a girl. But now I know that even though I may not like her as a teenager, I have 13 years to shape her into a considerate, polite, loving, caring, selfless, happy, smart human being.

67. I really do think my son is exceptionally smart. I am not just saying that because he is my son.

68. Most people look back after years of marriage and wonder what they were thinking with the wedding they put on. Whether it was the dress, the bridesmaid dress, the flowers, the hair.
I look back and say it was the most beautiful and special day of my life. I wouldnt change a thing about it.

69. I wore braces my entire high school career. I got them off right before graduation despite my orthodontists recommendation. Now my teeth are starting to shift again.

70. I am an information junkie. If something is happening in my life I read as much about it as I can. Once again a control issue.

71. I would love to learn to fly a small Cessna airplane. But I am terrified of heights.

72. I want to move to Colorado and live way up in the mountains.

73. I am a country girl through and through. I love driving 20 miles to the nearest town.

74. I love most animals. Though I dont like them as pets. I like my cats but I could live without pets.

75. I am horribly scared of spiders. My blood pressure elevates even if I see one 10 feet away.

76. When I was younger I used to kill spiders with my aerosol hairspray. What a horrible way to die right?

77. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom.

78. I cant believe I drive my Realistic dream car. A town and country. As a teenager if you would have asked me what I wanted to be I would have said a Soccer mom, Ask me what I would be driving, I would have said a Chrysler Town and Country.

79. It makes me feel important when people ask me for advice.

80. I am blind as a bat. But havent been to the eye doctor in years.

81. I cry during commercials of any kind that involve children. They dont even have to be sad commercials.

82. I cried at my nieces 6th grade band performance and her dance recital. For 2 reasons: I was so proud of her and I was picturing my own children up there and it made me so happy.

83. I have lots of aspirations for my children and I am afraid of pushing them into something they dont want to do.

84. I love our new church. Thats pretty much a well known fact but I love it even more after this morning.

85. I dont have a decorative bone in my body.

85. Speaking of bones, I have never actually broken a bone. I fractured my fibula but never broken one.

86. Dustin and I rarely argue.

87. Aside from commercials with children in them, I am not an emotional person.

88. I have a problem with empathy. I have a hard time with people that cant let things go and just move one with their lives.

89. I am a very firm believer in: "everything happens for a reason" I know this is true because I know that God has a plan for me and every tragedy and every happy moment was planned far before I was born.

90. I love my sleep. So much so that if you wake me in the middle of the night I can guarantee I will probably yell at you.

91. I love daisies.

92. I hate being the center of attention. I dont like birthday parties or showers or being called out for accomplishments.

93. I have a hard time accepting compliments. Not because I dont believe them or because I think less of myself but mostly because I am humbled.

94. I love trying new things. Change is not hard for me. In fact I welcome it with open arms.

95. I used to race cars and I miss it desperately. There is something that happens to you when you are at the starting line watching the lights on the tree go down. The adrenaline is pumping and its just an amazing feeling.

96. I am sometimes a little over enthusiastic and I think it scares people.

97. When I was in high school I used to go shopping with girlfriends and pretend that I was from England . Everyone bought it. ;)

98. Fur Elise is one of my favorite songs and even though it is one of the most popular music box songs, I dont own one. :(

99. I love Julie Andrews. And I wish I had a voice like hers. And I hope I age as gracefully as she has.

100. This ones supposed to be profound right? Hmm..
I dont have any regrets. I dont have anything in my past that I wish I could change or take back. I feel I have lived a great life and though there are things in my past that I am not proud of. I wouldnt change them because those are the peices that complete my puzzle.


Kevin & Jennifer said...

Incredible! I learned a lot! You are pretty darn interesting!

Kim said...

Yeah! We have lots in common...

1) I love One Tree Hill
2) I think my wedding was beautiful too - I wouldn't change a thing... but ask me again in 25 years. :-)
3) I too am very attached to my sleep...
4) I don't like being the center of attention either... and I absolutely HATE opening gifts in front of people.
5) I also love Julie Andrews - The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies.

Dauphine IVF/Twin blog said...

Even I learned a few things and even cried at a few things.