Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bitten by the bug...

So many things have been going on lately. I ll do my best to recount them accurately.
Friday night I went to a craft and crop hosted by our new church. It was from 6pm-2am.

I got there about 7:30 and finished 3 mini albums for the kids. Then I started making cards. I have found my new obsession. I love love making cards. They are so simple but yet so me. I also really enjoyed scrapping. Jenn and Staci were there as well and we had a blast talking and scrapping and trading ideas. It was great fun. And we did stay till 2am. I thought there was no way I could scrap for that long, turns out I can, and probably could have done it longer. It was so therapeutic. Not to mention nice to be away from the kiddos for a while.

Early that day I had taken Kate to the doctor because she had been running a fever for 3 days and it had gotten as high as 103 the night before so I bit the bullet and took her in. She ended up having a Bacterial infection(dont know where) AND a viral infection. Poor girl.

Saturday, Dustin had off so we hung out as a family. It was so nice to have daddy home with us.

Saturday night we had our Monthly dinner party. This time it was a murder mystery party.

"Who killed Ined Viagra" It was great fun and I actually surprised myself. I went into it full force. The objective is to stay in character the whole night and gather clues about the other players to see who done it.

I played the widow. I was a little big headed and very rude and much of a drunk. It was nice to step out of my box and be someone different for the night. It brought back memories of my Junior high drama days. Reminded me that I enjoy theatre and am actually kinda good at it as well.

Sunday we skipped church because Jakob woke up throwing up. But by noon he was back to his old self. Not sure what was going on there.

Today I am indulging a little more in my new obsession. Jakobs preschool teacher is having a Creative Memories party(scrapbooking stuff) Every year each preschooler is assigned at Student teacher, They call them buddies. At the end of the year the Student buddie makes a scrapbook of the child's year of Preschool and give it to the preschooler. So this party that his teacher is throwing will help her collect supplies for the scrapbooks.

I am very excited and let me tell you its perfect timing considering my recent addiction.

So I am going to post some pictures of some cards I have made. I am still learning and lackin in the material department..but its not bad for a beginner if I do say so myself...Let me know what you think...

Sorry the pictures are so blurry.. For some reason our camera all of the sudden sucks!


Kim said...

The cards look fabulous!! I'm so glad you found your new hobby/obession!!

Kevin & Jennifer said...

I love your cards! See, you are very creative!