Wednesday, August 6, 2008

10 Yrs already??

This past weekend I attended my 10 year reunion celebration in McKinney.
It had been a while since I had been back so I was quite amazed at its growth.
Dustin informed me that my little town was the 3rd Fastest growing City in America.
We took the back roads up to Dallas and it was nice and relaxing. Where were the kids you ask? Well my wonderful grandmother flew in from Wisconsin to watch them.. isnt that awesome?
We got to McKinney and did a little shopping. It was nice to visit the Mall that I spent so much time at.
My very good friend Matt had arranged for us to stay at his parents house(since he lived about 30 minutes away)while his parents were on vacation.

Friday night we went to this awesome bar downtown called Stans Blue note, It was a large bar filled with smoke and booze. Thats not what made it awesome but it helped.
I was a little intimidated walking in. Did I really want or care to see these people? I have kept in contact with my closest friends but alot of them drifted off or I drifted off.
But right away I spotted some of my favorite people and the anxiety left me.
The beer was flowing and so was the conversation. It was a nice relaxing time.
Afterwards we went to my favorite after bar place, Cafe Brazil for some breakfast. We had to wait for about an hour since we had about 12 people with us. Dustin had already passed out a couple times and people were beginning to get a little angry. But we got seated and were able to have a Fantastic 3am breakfast.
We got to Matts house and passed out around 4:30am. At 10am I had to get up.. I am not used to sleeping that late and I felt that I was waisting the day away. So we went on our rounds to visit our people. My Brother, My sister and Friends.
Saturday night instead of going to the actual Reunion that was outside in 100 degree weather and cost 60 dollars for fajitas and cheap wine and a keg, we decided to have a little shindig at Matts house(Preapproved by his parents) Andy brought out the Rock band and we jammed those guitars and the real things as well. Dustin jammed on the Jimbi(a african drum thing) and the boys played guitar and sang, I lent my great humming abilities to the peice and it was perfect harmony.
Sunday we had every intention of getting up and going to church. Our good friend and former Worship Pastor leads at a church in Frisco, but needless to say we didnt make it in.
We hung around at Matts for a good while, chatting up the half drunk, half passed out people that were scattered about the house.
It made me realize that I love my life. I couldnt imagine the meaningless sex with someone you just met or the all nighters just to pass out and sleep the day away. I am so glad we are over that.
Although I couldnt wait to see my kiddos we hung around with Andy for a little while and watched a movie. Then we left to resume our responsibilities.
Gramms had the whole house RE decorated and had done up our previously drab bedroom. Her words were, The kids rooms are decorated, you need a special place for you and Dustin. And special it is now indeed. She purchased a beautiful bedspread and adorned it with gorgeous fluffy and silky pillows. Pictures were hung and candles were brought in, It is quite romantic now.
Gramms didnt do this on her own, her best bud came in from Dallas and assisted with this Makeover. Big thanks to the Pet!! I love ya!!
The next few days were filled with getting back into the swing of things, My grandmother informing me that my children were perfectly behaved when I was NOT around, and the dog as
And then the inevitable trip to the airport to drop gramms off.
But I do have high hopes because I know that it will not be another 6 months to a year before I see her again. She will be Wintering in Texas this November to escape the Mind blowing snow in Wisconsin woohoo.
So that was my blast to the past. It was odd and awesome all in the same. I was pleased to see the people that had meant so much to me in my high school life to see them happy and meeting their lovely spouses or significant others. Makes me proud!! I love those guys and I am thrilled that they picked amazing women. Good job fellas.
And that was that. To the next 10 years!!!
Here are some pics.. :X

My hot hubby and I at Stans

Jennifer and I(my other half in High school)

Boy how we have changed

Billy, me, Dana and Ses(and baby)(Bill and Ses got back together after 10 years apart)

10 year ago in Padre: Ses, Billy, Dana and myself...

John playing rock band

Serious drummer Andy

My man Candy..the offical party Dustin pose.


Kim H. said...

It looks like a great time - I'm so glad you went! I skipped mine... but no one I was friends with was willing to put up the $60 for the same reason as you!

Double the blessing said...

I love your hair. It's great you got to go and have an adult weekend.

love you