Monday, August 18, 2008

September rush

I want to start by saying.. Where the heck did August go? Is it really almost the end? I am amazed at how fast this year is flying by. I honestly can remember New years eve like it was yesterday...
As September rolls around the days just start flying by faster and with more activities.
Dont get me wrong.. this IS my favorite time of year. I consider from September on to be The Holiday season simply because of all the fun family events that we attend and birthdays.
So September starts off with Kates Birthday. My big 2 year old girl. And as always the next couple weeks I will most likely be posting sappy posts about my big girl and how much she has grown and how sad I get around every birthday. So I just wanted to forwarn you ;)
After September well.. And a few other birthdays sprinkled here and there.. we have October.. Now here is where we have hit the motherload.
Jakob starts school the first week of October.. and I can not wait till he starts let me tell you...

Then we have my birthday, Dustin and I s 7 th Wedding anniversary along with 3 other couples wedding anniversaries on the same day.. 1 couple who we are very close to and in fact actually hooked up..but our matchmaking skills are a whole other post.
After our anniversary it is the Beach house, neices birthday, Twins birthday/Halloween. November is another bevy of birthdays and then Thanksgiving and right around the corner Christmas..
I love how busy this time of year is. Coupled with the weather change and I am one happy girl!


Double the blessing said...

Yay I am so proud you made the trip alone. I am expecting pictures shortly.
love you

Kim H. said...

I love the holiday season too - it just seems like one fun activity after another... and of course the cooler weather is ALWAYS welcomed!