Monday, August 18, 2008

Pics and next Olympic hopeful

Kit Kat enjoying the toddler area
Whoah.. Such a dare devil...

Birthday boy WilliamDeanna and Kate...
Deanna and Kate
Jakob going down....
The sickness.. Poor baby.. :(
And this is great... I always knew she was talented..but I had no idea about this.. or where she learned it from.. I wish I could say she learned it from watching the olympics..but no..
I walked over to the toddler area and saw her doing this.. all by herself.. I think its time to start researching gyms.. I have the next Mary lou on my hands ;)

As always.. turn DOWN the volume to avoid my annoying voice..


Double the blessing said...

You should take her to mommy and me while Jakob is in school. She is our future gold medalist!

Kim H. said...

Look at her!! That's fabulous!