Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am still here..

I realize its been a while since I posted and though I wish I had a better excuse than I have all I can offer is that I just haven't gotten around to posting.
That being said I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving day, filled with family and food. I know I did.

I realize the look of the blog needs to be changed as it is no longer pumpkin season but I am waiting to see Santa tomorrow, well not me but the kids so that I can add the picture.
Don't worry I ll get it all together sooner or later.
We do have the house decorated or kinda, the decorations are up on the inside but the boxes are still decorating the floor and the outside is a work in progress. Dustin puts up a little more each night. He is such a trooper.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us as usual so I ll have lots to post about in the coming days. But I will leave you with pictures in the next post.
I hope you guys have a terrific Day..

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