Friday, November 14, 2008

Daily Blunders

Do you ever have those days when nothing seems to go your way? When you want to put on you favorite pair of jeans and realize they are covered in mud from the yard excavation your Dog did.
Or when you reach for your tooth brush only to discover there is a little black unidentified hair on it.
I know you have, everyone has.. If you havent you are living in denial!

Well today has been one of THOSE days. It was if every time an obstacle was overcome here came another one to prove me wrong..
It all began when I had to wake up this morning. That in itself is an obstacle that I have to over come every morning. So I get up to take the pup out and both kids are awake. At 6:30 in the morning. I think someone forgot to tell them that that was not allowed.
So immediately I am in mommy mode. No time to relax, fix some coffee, catch up on my reading or my shows. Nope, immediately into "I want waffles, I want Pancakes, NOW NOW NOW"
I am exaggerating to gain sympothy votes, is it workin?.
Things were going smoothly until my son tried to amputate his leg by scratching it on a piece of furniture that had broken when he was jumping on it.
I sat my coffee down and ran to salvage the limb.
When I returned, with a bloody child in my arms, I noticed my coffee was all over the Office chair.
That could only mean one thing. ... Kaiser our dog had quite the guilty look on his face. I took a brave look at the computer and the evidence was everywhere.

Immediately panic sunk in. I just got a job with a company where the Computer was my main equipment. I could not perform this job otherwise.
There goes our extra money for bills and groceries.
In 5 minutes time I had us living in a dumpster behind walmart.
I gathered my thoughts and called Staci to vent.
She was very receptive to my gripes and I felt a little better but I was still in a no computer situation.

In a joking text I sent to my girlfriend I asked if she "had an extra computer laying around"
And she text me back that I was in luck and she DOES!!
Boy how grateful I am for Jenn. She has been everything I knew friends could be. I just love her to pieces.
So obstacle one was: Get new computer... Check
Obstacle two was: Hook up new computer to Internet
We have a wireless router or you might as well call it what I call it.. the thingy that gets in my way while sitting at my desk.

So I attempted to sign on to our network... Password incorrect.. I thought of every possible password that I could.
You see my Brother in law installed the new network, He is a computer Guru of sorts. So after getting in touch with him(in Canada) He gave me the password. OH MY GOSH.. I cant say the password but let me just tell you. .. only my husband and my brother in law would think of that kind of password. Crazy boys.
So all is fine now. I am waiting on a call from my cousin with a possible rejected company laptop that I can bring home and make my own.
I love my friends and family. Thank you Jesus for them!!

I hope you guys have a Splendid day.


Kim H. said...

Well, thank goodness no one broke the cell phone - because seriously - where would you be without contact with the outside world?! HA! I'm glad that it all worked out and you're back in business for the job. I can't wait to hear how it goes when you get started.

Double the blessing said...

Girl. Your post cracks me up. No way would we ever let you live in a dumpster behind WALMART..... maybe Target!! haha