Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long overdue...

Every year for the past 3 years D has taken Jakob to the Wings over Houston airshow at Elington field. Usually it is the weekend of the Beach house and the boys leave from there to have their day. Well no beach house this year and it was a weekend later. Which was actually a good thing because that meant that they could go on Saturday instead of Sunday and we didnt have to miss church.
This year it was a little different because the girls decided to go as well.
D was so excited to share what he has loved his whole life. He remembers going to the Airshow as a child and I think he goes back to that every time he talks about it. You can see the gleam in his eye.
It was a little warm for the last weekend in October but we toughed it out. Neither kids got naps so it was a roller coaster ride most of the day trying to appeal to a 2 year old and a 4 year old and share in their excitements and nurture their fears.
Jakob was not scared of the planes or their loud noises.. he was however terrified of the Pearl Harbor reenactment that went on . In his defense.. the bombs were very loud and life like. Even I jumped a few times.
The most exciting thing for Jakob I think was seeing the plane that carries the Space shuttle and the Thunderbirds of coarse.
Katharine slept off and on through the whole thing and really didnt seem to impressed with the whole thing. Aside from the bad sunburn I got on my neck and chest it was a good day.

Jakob making his lovely rat face and holding his new Thunderbird
The real Thunderbirds.. Amazing.. I am in awe just looking at the pictures..

The quality is not great I know, but yes those planes are that close and one is upside down.

This was Ds favorite plane. It was massive, could get up in the air in warp speed and stop on a dime.. Amazing!!
This looks photoshopped but it is the real deal.. and it still doesnt show the massiveness of this plane!

Jakob the future Astronaut
In the cockpit of one of the planes

His Favorite! This one is a model the real one was to the right ;)


Kim H. said...

Those photos are amazing - I wonder how you get the courage to begin learning to fly in some of those formations?

That is so neat that D loves it so much - I'm sure that Jakob will have fond memories of sharing that with his Dad. Or who knows, maybe in a couple of years Kate will love it every bit as much too!

Double the blessing said...

Yup that was us every year the family trip to the Air Show. I still love it too. It's so awesome the traditions we carry on to our children.