Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I feel the winds of Change..

This election year has been historic for many many reasons.
Not only was it the first time that either a woman or an African American could be in the White house it is a year that promised change no matter what the voting outcome was.
So no matter who you voted for or what your party preference is lets support Americas choice for President.
Lets support him and the difficult task he has ahead of him. The next 4 years are very important and I hope that we all rally around our Commander and Chief.

I just ask that everyone out there pray for our New President. Pray that God show himself to him and helps guide him in the difficult decisions he has to make.
Remember God is bigger than one man. It is in his plan that we need to trust.

This morning I was listening to KSBJ and the morning show had Houston's own Beth Moore on and she made a great point. I am paraphrasing here but this was her point: God calls his people to UNITE IN CHRIST! No matter what side of the aisle you are on it is in our most Perfect and Holy God that we should lay all our trust in.
On a personal note, I am renewed and excited about the change to come.
I am a Democrat in a Republican state and sometimes feel that I am way out in left field(no pun intended) alot of the times. On top of that I am also a very strong in my faith Christian. Which if you lived where I live is pretty much unheard of.
I credit my Hippy dippy grandmother for my key values in politics. But we wont go into that.
I am proud of my country and proud of its decision. I am amazed that so many people looked past the color of a mans skin, the origin of his name and chose someone that they felt would help America out of this difficult time.
If you disagree with me thats fine. We can agree to disagree. I am not one to fight about an opinion. Its a vicious cycle where no one comes out the winner. But America has voted and it is time to support our leaders and move on as a country.


Katja Stahr-Long said...

Well said Tasha!!! I didn't know I was in the company of a fellow Democrat all this time. I think this was a pivotal election with so many firsts. I thought McCain showed such grace and integrity in his speech last night and I am awed by what he endured for his country as a POW. I am excited to see where our country goes from here as Obama leads the way. I pray that God comes first in the lives of our leaders and I pray for the continued safety of our new Commander and Chief.

Double the blessing said...

Very well said. We may not all agree but it is what it is so we have to deal with it for 4 years.

Double the blessing said...

Girl look at your blog all fancy pants. Have you been reading blog coach? lol