Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hunting... for a job

When I made the decision to stay at home and be with my children I knew that Financially it would be a huge sacrifice. As a family we did many things to cut back on our expenses.
The biggest sacrifice was getting rid of our beloved Sports car. Dear hubby has always had a love affair with Camaros as have I. You could say it was one of the factors in my choosing him as a husband, though not the #1 reason but not far behind.
I knew it was asking alot for my hubby adored his car. She had a name(which we later named our Daughter after) She was bathed and pampered on a weekly basis and she was the bridge to a brand new group of friends. Our lives revolved around that car. Friday night meets to talk about cars and admire the newest upgrades. Sunday cruises to Galveston with the windows open and the breeze tickling our noses.
Weekend trips to huge car shows and a caravan of 25 Camaros behind us.
Like I said, it was our life.
Then when we decided to have a family we traded in my sports car, a 2000 Pontiac Formula(who was equally loved) For a Mom mobile, but kept the SS because we had it made, A kid, a sports car and a family car. What more could we ask for.

Then reality set in.
I returned to work when Jakob was 6 weeks old entrusting him with Pawpaw, My amazing father in law who so graciously came to live with us and watch our precious new gift while I went back to work .
As amazing as it was we knew that it was only temporary and that soon Pawpaw would have to leave us.
That time came when Jakob was 8 months old.

We did research and called every child care provider in our area but after weighing the cost of childcare with what I made it wasnt worth it.
So we made the decision that I would quit my job and stay at home with Jakob.
Wow what a huge leap of faith this was. But we knew God was behind us and we took that leap boldly.
So the Camero was the first casualty in our war against unnecessary luxuries.
Luckily that was enough to put us in a comfortable spot. Though we only had one car it never really was a big deal because I was able to spend my days teaching my son and loving on him and just watching him grow. Payment enough!
As the years went on, Job changes came, A baby girl blessed our lives and a new house was bought.
We however did not for see the downfall of the Housing market or the horrible economy that we would be in just one year from buying our new house.
Now we are stretching it from pay check to pay check with little left over and it is beginning to become a little frightening. So I have taken the next step in our life and that is Job hunting.
Now before you draw any conclusions lets clarify something. I am not looking for a job outside of my home. Childcare costs are still outrageous and with 2 of them, out of the question. So I have done my research and applied to several legitimate work from home companies.
Not the run of the mill you pay me $100 dollars for a kit and you ll be a millionaire type job. But a real bonified job. Where I would either take calls for incoming purchases through HSN or I would do data entry. Its outsourcing and I only wish I would have known about it 4 years ago. But that is neither here nor there.
So I have sent in my applications, done the phone interviews and am now just waiting for the job.

Please wish me luck and pray for us. Its a tough time in this economy and we are definitely feeling it in the Schoen household.

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